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Charge Dismissed

Felony Fleeing in a Motor Vehicle

Hillary Parsons - 10-Mar-2017

In January of 2017, Client was charged with a felony fleeing offense after he led several officers on a low-speed chase over several miles. The chase ended when an officer executed a maneuver to force client off the road. Client, who was represented by attorney Hillary Parsons, claimed that he did not notice the police officers as he had consumed too much alcohol. Client completed a chemical health assessment, and the State agreed to allow client to plead guilty to a Third-Degree DWI. The felony was dismissed, Client kept possession of his vehicle (which was subject to forfeiture due to the fleeing charge), and he was thrilled that the case resolved so quickly after he was changed.

Domestic Assault

Hillary Parsons - 27-Feb-2017

Client was charged with a domestic assault after he had an argument with his wife and concerned citizens called the police. Client admitted to police that he had yelled and broken his wife’s cell phone during the fight. The wife told officers that client had injured her arm during the fight. The wife continued making inconsistent statements throughout the case, and client had a strong chance of winning at trial on the domestic assault. On the day of trial, the State amended the complaint to add a charge of disorderly conduct, which was a difficult win given the circumstances of the offense. The State, however, agreed to dismiss the domestic assault and continue the disorderly conduct charge for dismissal in one year. Assuming that client commits no same or similar offenses, the disorderly conduct charge will be entirely dismissed without admissions or entry of any plea.

Driving After Cancellation-Inimical to Public Safety, Driving a vehicle without ignition interlock, B-Card Violation, Speeding

Lis Carlson - 23-Feb-2017

Client had lost his license many years ago from prior DWI arrests. He was charged with several traffic offenses relating to his alcohol-related loss of license. Client worked very hard to get his license valid again for the first time in over a decade. Ms. Carlson was able to negotiate a settlement where her client plead guilty to only one charge and the remaining charges were dismissed. The remaining charge resolved as a stay of adjudication, meaning that this charge will get dismissed after successful completion of probation. This creative negotiation will allow her client to maintain his valid driver’s license status.

GM Interfering with 911 Call and Domestic Assault

Hillary Parsons - 9-Jan-2017

Client was charged with a domestic assault and a gross-misdemeanor interfering with a 911 call after he had an argument with his wife. Attorney Hillary Parsons obtained statements from the alleged victim, client’s wife, that contradicted what she initially told to police. Although client had a strong chance to prevail at trial, he did not want to take that risk. Ms. Parsons negotiated with the prosecutor, threatening to try the case, and the prosecutor agreed to dismiss both charges and the case was resolved as a petty misdemeanor disorderly conduct. This was stunning victory considering client’s initial charges.

3rd Degree DWI

Hillary Parsons - 26-Oct-2016

Client was charged with a 3rd Degree DWI because she refused a breath test after being arrested for a suspected DWI. Client does union work for nuclear energy stations and a DWI conviction would be highly problematic for future employment. Although she was charged with a gross-misdemeanor offense, attorney Hillary Parsons convinced the State to drop the charge down to a Careless Driving because client received improper legal advice when she called an attorney before making the decision to refuse the test. Although this issue is not one that is challengeable at an evidentiary hearing or trial, the State agreed to drop the DWI charges.

Theft (Four Felony Charges); Criminal Vehicular Operation (Felony); plus 5 Misdemeanor theft charges in other counties

Hillary Parsons & Allan Caplan - 22-Jul-2016

Client was charged with four felony thefts, a felony criminal vehicular operation for causing a car accident that resulted in significant injury to the driver and passenger of the other vehicle. Client was also facing five other misdemeanor charges in three other counties. Attorneys Allan Caplan and Hillary Parsons convinced the client to participate in long-term treatment for her addiction to alcohol and drugs. She also cooperated with the prosecution of her cases and paid significant monetary restitution to the victims of her crimes. As a result, two of her felony thefts were dismissed, and client received stays of imposition on the three remaining felony cases, which means when she completes probation the convictions will become misdemeanors. Client was not ordered to serve any additional time in jail. She gets to return to her home state and start a new life with an intact criminal history and long-term sobriety.

Felony Theft

Hillary Parsons - 11-Jul-2016

Client was charged with felony theft after she was caught stealing $2000 from the bank at which she worked. Client was in a pretrial trial diversion program but failed to make the requisite payments of restitution and was charged with the theft. Attorney Hillary Parsons convinced the prosecutor to dismiss the charge entirely after the client made a full restitution payment.

Solicitation of a Minor (Felony) – Police Sting Operation

Joe Tamburino - 7-Jun-2016

Client was charged with felony solicitation for prostitution allegedly involving a minor as part of a sting operation. After reviewing all of the investigatory information (including recordings and surveillance), Joe Tamburino determined that the case was challengeable on statutory grounds. The case was litigated for 7 months and, in the end, Joe obtained an acquittal for his client. The client was extremely happy with the outcome.

3 counts Financial Exploitation of a Vulnerable Adult; 4 counts Theft by Swindle; 1 count of Wrongfully Obtaining Public Assist.

Allan Caplan - 25-Apr-2016

Prove that the State did not have enough evidence to win the case. A contested evidentiary hearing was held. As a result of which all charges were dismissed!

Order for Protection

Lis Carlson and Allan Caplan - 24-Mar-2016

Client was accused of assaulting his wife. As a result, the wife sought an Order for Protection against client. The requested order prohibited contact with client’s wife, and also his young children. Client denied the allegations and made several court appearances with Ms. Carlson and Mr. Caplan. After being uprooted from his home, client was ultimately victorious. The Order for Protection was dismissed entirely.

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