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Not Guilty

Assault and Disorderly Conduct

Joe Tamburino - 10-May-2017

Joe's client was accused of beating another person with an object on a public street. Joe's client adamantly denied using any weapon and believed that she acted in self-defense. Joe had the case investigated and prepared for trial. Joe cross-examined all of the prosecutor's witnesses and presented the defense's case. M.M. testified that she acted in self-defense. Verdict - Not Guilty on all counts. Joe and his client were very happy with the result.

Damage to Property (Gross Misd); Disorderly Conduct

Allan Caplan - 21-Feb-2017

Ex-girlfriend claimed former boyfriend (our client) kicked and broke the door to her home and was screaming obscenities at her. Client was charged with gross misdemeanor Damage to Property and Disorderly Conduct. Attorney Allan Caplan took the case to trial wherein the client was found not guilty on both charges.

Gross Misdemeanor Violation of Order for Protection

Joe Tamburino - 4-Oct-2016

Joe’s client was charged with violating an order for protection that her ex-husband obtained against her. The client had other prior court activities involving no contact orders and custody issues. However, this was the first time that she retained Joe and he vigorously defended her and attacked the state’s case. The alleged victim testified as well as other state’s witnesses. Joe’s only witness was his client who testified very well. Joe and his client are extremely happy with the acquittal.

First Degree Burglary

Joe Tamburino and Hillary Parsons - 6-Sep-2016

Client was charged with first degree burglary for allegedly being part of a group of people who broke into a residence (known for drug dealing) and seriously assaulted someone inside. Our client’s co-defendant worked out a deal with the prosecutor in which he would testify against our client for a prison term of 3 years in prison rather than 7 years. The prosecutor called a number of witnesses, including the co-defendant, who all testified against our client. Our defense was alibi – client was at another location at the time of the crime. We only called our client as a witness. After over a week in trial and about 2 hours of deliberations, the jury found our client not guilty. Our client was ecstatic and extremely happy with Joe and Hillary’s advocacy.

Solicitation of a Prostitute

Hillary Parsons - 13-Jun-2016

Our client was convicted of solicitation of a prostitute after a stipulated facts trial. Client appealed the decision because the evidence in this case was insufficient to convict him. Attorney Hillary Parsons filed the appeal and traveled to Duluth, MN and presented the Oral Argument. Upon review, the Minnesota Court of Appeals overturned the district court’s decision because the evidence failed to establish, beyond a reasonable doubt, the client’s intent to engage a prostitute for hire in a sexual activity, as required by the statute. In this case, the client responded to a sexually suggestive advertisement on which was part of a police sting operation to prosecute men engaged in hiring prostitutes. He met undercover investigators at a hotel room and told them he was interested in a body rub, and would “maybe see” about further contact. The Court of Appeals noted that evidence that the client was interested in hiring a person he found in a sexually suggestive ad for a body rub was far too indefinite to establish that he intended to make an offer of sexual contact.

3rd Degree Assault

Attorney: Joe Tamburino & Charles Clas - 15-May-2015

Defense: We won a Jury Verdict of “Not Guilty”

Outcome: Joe Tamburino and Charlie Clas represented our client on the serious felony charge of Third Degree Assault in Waseca County. The case was over two years old due to extensive investigation and litigation of issue. In May 2015, Joe and Charlie presented a defense of “self-defense” to the jury. Our client and a number of other witnesses testified for the defense. After deliberating for less than two hours, the jury found our client not guilty. Our client, his extended family, Joe and Charlie are all extremely happy with the result.

Conspiracy to Commit First Degree Murder, Aiding and Abetting Attempted First Degree Murder, and Aiding and Abetting First Degre

Attorney: Joseph Tamburino & Charles Clas, Jr. - 13-Feb-2015

Defense: Extensive preparation for trial to prove our client’s innocence

Outcome: In June, 2013, our client was charged with conspiring with his ex-wife to kill her current husband in Carlton County. Our client steadfastly maintained his innocence throughout the process, and extensive litigation was conducted for 18 months. At the jury trial (which lasted five (5) days), the prosecutors called numerous witnesses, including the ex-wife. We called a number of witnesses including our client. We conducted a very good trial and the jury returned verdicts of “not guilty” on all counts after only three (3) hours of deliberation. Our client and his family were ecstatic. We are so happy that we were able to secure this great result for our client.

4th Degree DWI (BAC .18); Driving While Impaired; Careless Driving- $1.00

Allan Caplan & Lis Carlson - 20-Dec-2014

Defense: Acid Reflux caused a contaminated breath test
Outcome: Mr. Caplan & Ms. Carlson tried this case in front of a jury. The result was Not Guilty on all three charges.

Misdemeanor Unlawful Assembly (U of M “hockey riots” April, 2014)- $12.00

Joseph Tamburino - 8-Oct-2014

Outcome: Joe’s client was one of the U of M students charged in the alleged “hockey riots” during the Frozen Four semi-finals on April 10, 2014. He was accused of participating in an unlawful assembly by allegedly taunting the police, acting disorderly and not following police commands. Joe’s client denied all charges and said that he was near the disruptive crowd but was not a part of it. As any good defense attorney would do, Joe thoroughly investigated the case and discovered a witness who corroborated his client’s statements. Police officers, witnesses and Joe’s client testified before the judge at trial. After careful consideration, the judge found Joe’s client “not guilty.” The client and his family are extremely happy with the result.

Two Counts of Obstructing Legal Process

Joe Tamburino - 7-Jul-2014

Outcome: Client was charged with two separate counts of Obstructing Legal Process for allegedly interfering with the police during an arrest. At trial, the State called the police officers involved and Mr. Tamburino called his client and another witness. Both sides argued and Mr. Tamburino's client was found not guilty on all counts.

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