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Reduction of Charges

Implied Consent Hearing

Charlie Clas - 29-Mar-2017

Client received notice of a year long revocation of his driver’s license after he took a urine test and the result was more than twice the legal limit. Attorney Clas filed a petition for judicial review of the revocation of his client’s license and argued that his client’s due process right were violated when they told him it was a crime to refuse a urine test. The Judge ruled in Client’s favor. As a result, Client will have no loss of license, or have to have the special registration plates, also known as “whiskey plates.”

2nd Degree DWI and Vehicle Forfeiture

Lis Carlson - 22-Mar-2017

Client was charged with a 2nd Degree DWI charge. After his arrest, Client received notice of the State's intent to forfeit his vehicle. Ms. Carlson was able to negotiate a dismissal of the 2nd Degree DWI charge, and her client pleaded guilty to a lesser offense. As a result of this plea agreement, Client was able to get his vehicle returned to him.

Third-degree DWI – refusal

Hillary Parsons - 1-Mar-2017

Client, who lives in the State of Texas and was in Minnesota for work, was pulled over and arrested for suspicion of being under the influence of alcohol. At the jail, Client refused the test since she was told that in Texas it was a good idea to refuse. Attorney Hillary Parsons represented her on the case. Ms. Parsons reviewed the video of the field sobriety tests and noted that Client performed remarkably well on the tests. Ms. Parsons spoke with the prosecutor, who agreed to resolve the matter as a Careless Driving. Because client has a Texas driver’s license, the resolution in the State of Minnesota did not affect her driving privileges whatsoever. Client was thrilled that the damage to her criminal record as well as her driving ability were so greatly minimized.

Terroristic Threats (Felony); Assault 5th Degree (Misd)

Allan Caplan - 21-Feb-2017

Client believed his wife was having an affair with a coworker. Client left a voice message on coworker’s phone to the effect that if he so much as looked at client’s wife, he would kill coworker’s children in front of him, then kill him. Client was charged with Felony Terroristic Threats carrying a maximum penalty of 5 years in prison. Attorney Allan Caplan negotiated a plea where client plead to misdemeanor assault charge involving causing fear in another of immediate bodily harm; 10 days of community service and a $50 fine.

DWI and drug related Driving Offenses

Hillary Parsons - 16-Feb-2017

Client was charged with eleven counts of DWI and leaving the scene of a traffic accident. Because this was his third alcohol-related driving offense in a period of ten years he was charged with a second-degree DWI and facing a 90-day sentence in the Dakota County Workhouse. Attorney Hillary Parsons successfully challenged the blood test taken in the case, and client pleaded guilty to a single misdemeanor DWI count and driving after cancellation. He agreed to participate in DWI programming in Dakota County to avoid the mandatory jail sentence. Client was thrilled to be able to move past the incident without the significant penalties he initially faced.

5th Degree Controlled Substance, 2nd Degree DWI, and probation violation

Lis Carlson - 13-Feb-2017

Client was charged with two counts of 5 th Degree Controlled Substance and 2 nd Degree DWI. Client was also in violation of probation of a previous Gross Misdemeanor DWI sentence. Despite having participated in the Hennepin County DeNovo program previously, Ms. Carlson was able to successfully negotiate that her client be admitted for a second time into the DeNovo program on the drug charges. The two felony counts will be dismissed if client can complete the program successfully. The recommendation from the prosecutor and the probation agent was that Client serve 180 days in jail on the new DWI charge and probation violation. However, Ms. Carlson’s client had made great strides in his sobriety by completing in patient treatment, participating in therapy, and passing all drug testing. Ms. Carlson argued that her client’s progress would be hindered by returning him to jail many months after the offense date. The Judge agreed and only sentenced Client to 30 days on home electronic monitoring.

4th Degree DWI – Revocation rescinded

Hillary Parsons - 19-Jan-2017

Client’s driver’s license was rescinded after he was charged with a 4th Degree DWI. Ms. Parsons convinced the prosecutor to dismiss the case because the officer who arrested client did not have sufficient legal basis to request a Preliminary Breath Test during the stop. Ms. Parsons also challenged the driver’s license revocation on the same issue and, after a contested hearing, the judge agreed that the officer had no basis to administer a Preliminary Breath Test and that defendant was subjected to an unconstitutional search and seizure. The Court rescinded the revocation of the client’s driving privileges resulting in client avoiding any type of record related to the underlying offense.


Charlie Clas and Lis Carlson - 30-Dec-2016

Client was charged with a second DWI, took a blood test, and had an alcohol concentration over three times the legal limit. Attorneys Clas and Carlson challenged whether Client’s blood was obtained legally. The Judge ruled in Client’s favor and suppressed the results of the blood test.


Charlie Clas and Lis Carlson - 29-Dec-2016

Client was charged with a first time DWI, took a urine test, and had an alcohol concentration over two times the legal limit. Attorney Clas challenged whether Client’s urine was obtained legally. The Judge ruled in Client’s favor and suppressed the results of the urine test. Attorney Carlson then successfully negotiated for a resolution to a reduced charge of careless driving.


Lis Carlson and Charlie Clas - 16-Dec-2016

NOT GUILTY! Ms. Carlson and Mr. Clas’ client was charged with having inappropriate sexual relations with an underage girl. If convicted at trial, client was facing a minimum of twelve years in prison and would have been required to register as a sex offender. Ms. Carlson and Mr. Clas spent many hours investigating the case and discovered a motive for the complaining witness to fabricate the allegations. Their client denied the allegations and demanded a trial. After a week long trial, a jury found their client NOT GUILTY of all charges. Client was happy to have his name cleared and begin to move on with his life.

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