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At Caplan & Tamburino Law Firm, P.A., we care about our clients, their rights, and their futures. By making clients a priority, we are able to produce the positive results they need. See what some of our past clients have to say about working with our team!

    I just wanted to thank you so much! I am so pleased with all the hard work you put in. I would have never had the chance to get the outcome I did without you. You did an amazing job and we are feeling very greatful to have made the right call when we chose you.

    — P.K.

    Hi Allan, Just wanted to say thanks for the phone call last night and all the support today at court. It's been the most stressful time of my life but your advice, superior knowledge, confidence, and support are very much appreciated.

    — D.D.

    Good morning Betsey, Hope your day is going well. Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for helping me get my life back! I feel so lucky that I found you and you agreed to represent me. Your competent, kind counsel gave me the courage to get through the process. Your representation of me in court was awesome. I will never forget you!

    — C.C.

    Just wanted to thank you both for helping [my wife] with her driving infraction. The outcome was just what you said was possible from the first meeting. My wife has had so much pressure relief from knowing that she doesn’t have a DUI hanging over her head. She can handle the Careless driving charge. So again …Thank you for all you did…Very professional and caring. I hope you don’t mind, if I hope that I don’t need your services again…However , I will spread the word about you if anybody I know needs help.

    — J.F.

    Hillary - I wanted to thank you again for everything, but particularly your calming influence and kind words on my behalf on Thursday. It's been tremendously helpful to have such strong representation in my corner.

    — T.J.

    My life took an interesting turn one morning on the way to the grocery store. Law enforcement ran my plates and discovered I had a warrant out for Domestic Assault. I had no idea that a warrant was out there and was taken to jail for booking. I posted bail and contacted Betsey Urbas from Caplan & Tamburino Law Firm. This was a very emotional family situation. Betsey walked me through my rights and possible outcomes and put me at ease. Betsey was able to reach the best possible outcome and secure a deal that got my case reduced to a Disorderly Conduct that will be dismissed in a year. I will also be eligible to petition for full expungement in the future. I would highly recommend anyone in my same situation to contact Betsey Urbas from Caplan & Tamburino.

    — M.N.

    Thank you for your help with my DUI case! It happened exactly a year ago today & I could not fathom how I was going to get through. To be honest I was overwhelmed and scared. I could not have gotten my life back together without your help. Thank you Lis!

    — J.P.

    It was an absolute pleasure working with Betsey, given the circumstances. I could not have picked a better law firm or lawyer. Betsey was always quick in getting back to me and was even willing to give out her cell phone for after hours and emergency questions. Her knowledge of my case and my legal options were outstanding and I would recommend her to anyone in need of the best representation.

    — R.S.

    Hi Lis. I wanted to thank you for your time and efforts for today and the weeks leading up to it. The outcome was better than my wife expected and she will follow through with all the requirements she needs to do. Again, thank you. I will recommend you and your firm to anyone else that finds themselves in this kind of situation. Take care, stay warm and please pass this note on to your colleagues. You should be commended.

    — P.W.

    Dear Betsy, Thank you so much for all the work you did for me on my case(s). You went above and beyond what I expected from you. Anytime I had a question about something, you would check into it for me and get back to me with an answer every time. And very quickly. I really appreciate you being here for me still today even though court and sentencing has been over for a while. When my court dates came up, it was all so new to me , I was terrified! You told me it would be ok. You told me to breath and it helped me be more calm in the courtroom. I am so glad your number was given to me from a former client of yours. She also spoke very highly of you. If ever I should need a lawyer again or know anyone that does......You will be the first number dialed.

    — K.S.

    Oh my god!!! What a relief! Thank you so much Lis! I can finally sleep better.

    — M.M.

    Thank you so much for everything. You will be the number 1 defense lawyer I recommend to anyone that asks. You are great at what you do. Thanks again,

    — P.R.

    Hi Hillary, I was very pleased with the outcome of my case. I appreciated you being so available throughout the process, along with your patience and understanding with being able to listen to and process the details unique to my case as I was communicating my situation to you. You were confident from the beginning about being able to get the case dismissed. I am very pleased with the outcome. Thank you again for helping to get my case dismissed. You did a great job.

    — M.S

    Hello Mr. Caplan, Thank you so much for all your help as well as the firm’s help. I really appreciate the wisdom and support I had from you and your firm. Thank God things turned out so well and I really thank you for all your help! I would recommend your firm to others in need. Thanks a lot!

    — A.G.

    After 11 years of sobriety, my wife had a relapse with alcohol. To make sure that she was safe, I called the police. This turned out to be a huge mistake. Instead of being helpful, they falsely arrested me for 5th degree domestic assault. I contacted Hillary Parsons at Caplan and Tamburino for legal representation. Hillary was understanding about my situation and trusted that I was innocent. She also expressed concern about my wife getting help. Hillary was there to answer questions every step of the way. She assured me that my case would be dismissed. Everything turned out as she promised. I respect Hillary for her ethics and persistence. My wife and I are thrilled with her services.

    — T.C.

    We really can't begin to thank you enough for everything you have done! We know we have more to go but are more confident than ever that the truth prevails! From the time my husband called the office and talked to you we felt confident in your ability to defend our son! We will continue to have confidence and be forever grateful. Like we said, the truth, God, and Joe!

    — R.B. & L.B.

    Dear Mr. Caplan: I wanted to convey to you my deepest thanks and appreciation for the absolutely outstanding result you were able to achieve on behalf of my son. You accomplished what few if any lawyers could possibly have done. As a lawyer myself, I am familiar with the background and reputation of most of the criminal attorneys in the twin cities. When my son needed legal help for a difficult and complicated matter, I chose you. I did so because I knew of your experience as both a prosecutor and a defense lawyer, your outstanding reputation among and respect from prosecutors and district court judges, and your long history of getting outstanding results “below the radar.” You have a well-deserved reputation as the guy who can quietly and effectively get things done in difficult matters without generating headlines. I have referred others to you in the past, and you have always achieved great results. This was the first (and hopefully last) time I had occasion to hire you for a member of my family. I made the right choice! Thanks again for your outstanding work.

    — C.G.

    Allan, I hope all finds you well. Caplan Tamburino Law's public legacy continues with pride every time your associate, Mr Tamburino is interviewed by the media. He certainly comes across with dignity and provides common sense clarity to what sometimes are complicated legal issues. Personally my journey of recovery continues on track since the day you "saved my hide” in Hudson those few years back. However my journey is not complete until all my past issues are resolved. The debt owed to your firm being one. I am a few months from finally satisfying a significant IRS obligation that has been draining my financial resources these last several years. As the last IRS payment is met my goal is to satisfy my debt with you by February 2016. Promises are empty until they are fulfilled. I just wanted to let you know that the obligation is sincere and will be obliged. Your personal support has meant a lot to me as a person. To the extent it would be difficult to fully express. Allan Caplan is a special man to me.

    — K.J.

    My experience in working with you on my case has been very positive and stress free. Your knowledge and expertise has yielded the not guilty result we wanted. I really appreciate your clear explanations of the case during our conversations.

    — M.H.

    I want to say thank you again for everything you have done for myself and my family. I found myself in jail for a DUI late on Thursday night. Jail was terrifying, worse than I imagined. I am a professional and kept thinking people like me don’t get ourselves into this situation and worried about my career. My situation only became worse the next morning when I found I was not on the court schedule for the day and as it was Friday I would be kept over the weekend and hopefully be on Monday’s schedule. My husband and I were leaving the next morning on an international vacation. I was given only a few minutes and piles of yellow pages to find an attorney. Luckily I found Lis and her associates. She arranged for us to come before the judge that afternoon and was home that day. She continued to represent my case with exceptional knowledge and experience. She had my charges dropped to a sentence that would not affect my career or reputation, even though under the circumstances it seemed like a long shot. Through the whole experience she made me feel confident, explained every step along the way and treated me with respect as an equal professional. I cannot thank her enough.

    — D.S.

    You are kind, smart, compassionate, professional in every way, my rock and reassurance when I needed you. You were thorough and clear with me when I felt confused and scared. You are – seriously – the best and of course I will recommend you in a heartbeat. I am so grateful for all your work and for your kindness and “professional” friendship over these last six months. Thank you!

    — C.H.

    I hired Betsey Urbas from Caplan & Tamburino Law Firm and couldn’t have been more pleased. I had the best possible outcome from the case. I would definitely recommend this firm.

    — T.D.

    Joe, I can’t tell you how grateful my wife, son and I are for your help in this matter. Thank you very much. I believe we would have a very different outcome without your effort. Please thank your team from us and I’m so glad I made the call to your office. Thanks and best regards and we’ll be in touch.

    — R.B. (Dad of client)

    The best words to describe my experience with Betsey and her team are informed and secure. This was my first experience needing representation, and nerves were high. Betsey was immediately responsive, and she took the time to make sure I understood every step of the process. She earned my trust, and as my legal case progressed, I felt a high sense of security knowing that my best interests were effectively defended. I was very pleased with the results of both the criminal and civil sides of the case, as I benefitted from the best case scenario in both. I would highly recommend her services to others.

    — G.D.

    Betsey, I intended to write to inform you of how incredibly impressed I am with you and your firm. You were able to appropriately respond to all and any of my questions in a timely manner and the information you provided helped me understand my situation as a whole. I am also extremely satisfied and content that you were always well prepared and informative. I appreciated your guidance throughout the entire process and am so happy you were able to work with me! Thank you!!!

    — M.X.

    When I had no hope left and was ready to give up, Betsey gave me the confidence and support I needed. Not only was Betsey highly knowledgeable and competent in her field, she was also patient and caring, walking me step by step through every process. In addition, I appreciated how she was always prompt in returning messages, answering my questions and providing resources. Betsey fought for me and never gave up; I could have not asked for a better attorney to represent me. Again, thank you so much for your help and support. You have really made a difference in my life!

    — B.V.

    We worked with Betsey Urbas at Caplan and Tamburino and would highly recommend her. She was very quick at contacting our son, who was incarcerated at the time. She worked for his release and was efficient and knowledgeable about the system. She continued to work thru his case for the best outcome. She earned our trust and was helpful and caring at all times. Her communication skills are excellent and she never dropped the ball. We were happy about the outcome of the case and would highly recommend her. Sincerely, D.C., B.C. & T.C.

    — D.C., B.C. & T.C.

    Hi Joe, I just wanted to personally thank you for helping our son’s friend. I heard from my son’s football coach that things went really well and that it was all thanks to you. I know that our son’s friend and his family are sincerely grateful. He feels that you've saved his life and, really, you have. Best regards!

    — K.B.

    Hillary, Thanks so much for your kind message and keeping the door open. Yes, based on what I now know from my son, it sounds like you gave him great advice and guidance and the right decision was made. We are truly most appreciative. It's very special, the kind of work you do, giving people a chance in life, when truly, they probably can make a meaningful difference in this world, given an opportunity. I am trying to remain hopeful for better days ahead. Thanks again!

    — J.W.

    Hello Lis: I wanted to drop you a line to thank you for the wonderful job you did in defending my son. As difficult as this situation was for our family, you were always able to put us at ease by explaining exactly what to expect in each court appearance and, also, being upfront about all the possible outcomes so nothing would come as a surprise. Your professionalism and expertise gained our trust and, ultimately, gained the best outcome for my son. I interviewed a couple attorneys before I chose you and, though you were more expensive, your diligence and defense of this case was worth every penny. This incident saved my son's life, and your hard work saved my son's future. For this, I will be forever grateful.

    — L.M.

    I had a DUI and was extremely scared with what lied ahead. I've heard horror stories about people losing their license, their cars, their jobs, homes, etc. I had no idea what to expect, so I went on the internet to search for an experienced law firm to help me out. Caplan & Tamburino had some glowing feedback so I thought I would reach out to them. Betsey Urbas contacted me and set up a consultation. After just a one hour consultation, my mind was already at ease. She detailed her services and the fees - a flat rate, which was fantastic - and what she would be able to do in order to help me in the courtroom. Over the next 6 weeks, Betsey guided me on how to look more favorable in the eyes of the court. She recommended multiple programs and helped me get them set up. Over this time, she also described, in detail, what to expect when we appeared in court. On my court date, everything went better than I ever could have expected. Betsey did an amazing job in detailing my personal and professional life to the court, along with the steps I have already started to take to show just how serious I was about being sorry for what I had done. Her ability to verbalize and work with the prosecutor went a long way in reducing my sentence. The results I got from Caplan & Tamburino, especially Betsey Urbas, were far more than I ever could have expected. She is an extraordinary lawyer and should be commended on the amazing work she is doing. Thank you Betsey!

    — J.A.

    Lis, Sorry this took so long, but I wanted to take some time to thank you for your exceptional dedication to my case. Let me start with jail. Since I have never seen the inside of a jail before, it was a very disturbing experience. Everyone has heard the cliché about jail being a nightmare, where you want to pinch yourself and wake up, but that is exactly what the experience was like. You will never know how reassuring you were when you visited me on the Sunday morning after my incarceration. It was very hard to communicate to the “outside”, and I was desperate to talk to someone who could bring me some positive news. Thank you for taking time away from your family on a Sunday to meet with me. It was extremely comforting to know I had some of the best legal professionals in the state working on my behalf. This was especially true due to the seriousness of the charges against me. It has never even entered my mind at any time that I would have been charged with two major felonies. I have lived my entire life as a law abiding citizen. I have always followed society’s rules and tried my best at fitting in. I can’t imagine the embarrassment and hardship that would have followed if I had been convicted of those felonies. I am forever grateful that you and Allan were able to have the charges dropped and hopefully expunged from my record entirely in two years. If I can ever act as a reference or help you or Allan in any way, Please do not hesitate to contact me. Best wishes as you continue to add to your list of amazing accomplishments. Gratefully yours!

    — KD

    I will forever be grateful for the legal counsel of Betsey Urbas who represents the law firm of Caplan & Tamburino, P.A. I am not sure how I could have gone through my legal case without Betsey’s counsel and expertise. All I can say is for someone who is dealing with his third DWI and to be able to get the sentencing that I received, which was less than the requirement, she is amazing. Ms. Urbas was always so informative through the whole process. She would email and make phone calls to keep me abreast about my case. Her guidance was so valuable in the approach that I needed to take in order to fulfill the requirements that would help my case with the judge. I truly believe that it was because of the requirements that she requested me to fulfill that my case came to the conclusion that it did. It is unfortunate that I put myself in this situation but I am appreciative to have someone like Betsey Urbas on my side, representing me. Though I would never wish upon anyone to need legal counseling, I know it happens and I would definitely recommend them give Caplan & Tamburino a call and request to have Mrs. Betsey Urbas to represent them.

    — H.T.L.

    Lis, You were wonderful and I am so glad that you knew the prosecutors, since it all went so fast and without 2-3 more “visits” to the courthouse. Many thanks to you and whomever, has answered the phone when I have called.

    — L.Z.

    Allan and Betsey, Thank you, thank you, thank you – and infinitum! God Bless the First Amendment!

    — C.S.

    Hi Betsey, This was my first time using an attorney and I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Very knowledgeable, helping and provided the best approach to my case/situation. I was charged with a DUI but Betsey Urbas, even though there was no much to challenge on my arrest situation, got the charges down to careless driving. She went through all the aspects of my current job, future aspects, behavior and immigration situations with the prosecutor and made sure my charges were brought down to careless driving. Her knowledge and convincing approach is very commendable. She is very professional and communicates very clearly of the case situation. I am very happy the way she handled my case.

    — P.S.

    When I was arrested, I did not know what to expect. My mind was all over the place and I was scared of what was coming. Then I met with Betsey Urbas and almost immediately my fears were put at ease. Betsey was the thoughtful, understanding, and professional attorney I needed to get through this troubling time. She guided me through the process and answered all of my questions throughout. Hopefully I will not need a defense attorney again, but if I do, Betsey Urbas will be the one I call.

    — M.W.

    Betsey Urbas represented me recently after having made a huge legal mistake in my life. From the first time I met her, she had my best interest and well-being at heart both on a professional and personal level. She advised me professionally and wisely in every step of my case. Her advice and hard work not only kept me from serving time in jail, saving my job and my livelihood, but also helped in beginning to recover emotionally and learn from my terrible experience. I never once doubted her advice and always had faith in her legal knowledge and expertise. She is very caring and personable which enables her to represent clients on a level that is above and beyond expectation. I will forever be grateful that the night I called Caplan & Tamburino Law Firm for help, Betsey Urbas answered my call. Thank you Betsey!

    — K.J.

    Joe & Charlie, Thanks for staying on top of everything in my case and all the work you guys put into it. Win or lose, I definitely picked the right firm. We did win and that was outstanding!

    — J.E.

    Working with Betsey Urbas was such a positive experience. I was facing felony charges and that was a pretty scary situation. Betsey reassured me that she would work to achieve the best possible outcome for my situation. She explained all of the options available to me. She thoroughly explained what possible outcomes could happen with each option and counseled me as to which would be the best option in my situation. The end result was me being able to avoid any incarceration. It was a great relief. Above all of that Betsey was friendly, open and made me feel as though she truly did care about my welfare. If ever a friend or family member was facing legal troubles, Betsey would definitely be the person to whom I would refer them.

    — C.B.

    The decision you make regarding legal representation can be one of the most important decisions of your life. The day after my DUI arrest, I interviewed several attorneys to discuss my case. After meeting with two prospective attorneys who seemed more interested in collecting a fee, I was losing hope. Then I met with Caplan and Tamburino, and specifically Allan Caplan. Allan asked detailed questions and expressed a genuine interest in my situation. I came to learn how medical conditions can drive false/high breath test readings. He gave me hope that my fighting my charges was worthwhile. His representation (all the way through a full jury trial and acquittal) was stellar. Ultimately, one of the most humiliating experiences of my life was made easier by the decision I made to have Caplan and Tamburino represent me. I will always be grateful to Allan Caplan and Lis Carlson.

    — L.M.B.

    Lis Carlson is a very professional lawyer who provided outstanding representation with regard to my DWI charges. She clearly communicated all aspects of court and legal processes which left me without question as to what to expect. Lis is very knowledgeable about the legal system with exemplary negotiation skills; of three charges, two were dismissed whereby follow-on legal activities and fines were minimal. I highly recommend Lis Carlson for legal representation – you will be more than happy you hired her.

    — C.W.

    Hi Lis, Thank you for your counsel. It was obvious to me that you have the right approach with the Anoka court system and your experience was invaluable!

    — R.W.

    Caplan & Tamburino law firm is among best in Twin Cities. They simply provide five star defense, and therefore the price. In case reputation is at stake and criminal charges are filed, why would anyone want a two star defense? Hillary Parsons took my call late on Saturday and then met me in person on Sunday. Joe Tamburino also took time away from his family to be at the meeting and to calm my nerves. These guys work 24/7! I can write novels, but here are two reasons why I will refer all of my friends to them: REPUTATION IN A COURTROOM – prosecutor is an attorney, judge is an attorney, and my defense is an attorney. It is critically important how my defense is regarded in this courtroom. I saw judge repeatedly asking defense attorneys, who were crowded outside of prosecutor’s door to be quiet, as they were loud and disrespectful! I also saw Hillary Parsons enter that court room. She was an ideal lawyer from “Law and Order”, smart, beautiful and determined. She moved and spoke with grace, and was highly regarded, starting from a court clerk, and to a presiding judge. I did not even have to physically stand in front of a judge with a gross misdemeanor charge! Hillary did that for me. She got a hearing date and I was on my way to work. WINNING CASES – this firm is determined to stay on the top, which means winning cases. They will tirelessly study every shred of evidence that the state may have, and apply their brilliant knowledge of the law and court proceedings to defend a client. The charge against me was dropped thanks to Hillary’s investigation and hard work! There was not even a hearing! Thank you Caplan & Tamburino! Dialing your number in a time of distress was a blessing!

    — T.S.

    Betsey, How do I adequately say Thank you to you for how you have meticulously defended my son. I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate you & Allan. Your sweet and gentle disposition was a comfort to me during one of the most difficult times I have ever encountered. Your skill & knowledge is impeccable. Over time I have learned to lean on the words of God & in the word it says: “I lift my eyes to the hills, where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the maker of heaven & earth”. Psalm 121 and I believe the Lord used you in our lives in a tremendous way. Thank You Betsey. With sincere gratitude.

    — B.H.

    Hi Allan and Lis! It looks like the worst is behind us and I’m confident that it’s just a matter of time before the investigation is closed for good. I cannot thank you both enough; your involvement and work on my behalf has been truly amazing. Again, I cannot thank you both enough for helping us get through this extremely unfortunate tragedy. May you be blessed with good things and may we only share in good occasions, although I truly hope to never need your services again!

    — M.W.

    Lis, I want to say thank you for the hard work you put into my case. One doesn't have to be a lawyer to know my chances for success were not very good, but took it on and “hit it out of the park!” I am very happy you represented me. So again, thank you!

    — K.C.

    Dear Hillary, after hearing that you got my case dismissed, I have to say this is AWESOME news!! Your knowledge and professionalism is off the chart! I do not know how to thank you! I am so glad for taking your advice and for hiring Caplan & Tamburino.

    — T.S.

    Hi Lis, I just wanted to thank you again for all of your help today at sentencing. You did a fabulous job and you have my heartfelt thanks.

    — K.B.

    Lis, We spoke last week about your representation of my son-in-law. Now I hear, as you expected, all went well. I've been telling him over and over that he chose wisely when he picked the Caplan & Tamburino firm to represent him. Thanks for confirming that confidence. I truly appreciate your close attention to this matter that was so important to my daughter and son-in-law.

    — W.P.

    Hello Betsey, I just wanted to say thank you again for everything you did to help resolve my case. You did such an awesome job! You were very thorough and took your time with me. I will definitely refer you to anyone who ever needs a good lawyer! You really helped me out a lot and I very much appreciate it. Hope all is well and God bless.

    — M.K.

    Lis – I really appreciate your help and talking with me. I know you do this often, but I've really been stressed and talking to you took pressure off of this whole situation. Thanks!

    — T.R.

    Attorney Betsey Urbas with Caplan & Tamburino Law Firm made my unfortunate run in with the law very easy and worry free. She was always in contact with me on updates and the case proceeding with my DWI. Thanks to Betsey and her great working knowledge of issues like mine and the justice system she was able to work the DA and plead my case down to the point that the DWI wouldn’t be on my record and my driving privileges were never impacted. Thanks again Betsey for all the time and effort you put into making a major issue seem like nothing.

    — A.E.

    Lis, I want to thank you and Joe for meeting with us today and for giving my son guidance and direction. After all the CD assessments I have done over the past 2 years, I certainly didn't expect for one of my guys to be on the other side! But such is life. We didn't know what to expect today but we came away grateful and relieved – with the professionalism and the support. It is all greatly appreciated.

    — K.H.

    Hillary, Jean and I want to thank you for everything that you did for our son. Things looked pretty bleak right before Christmas, but you had a game plan and a vision of what might or could happen from Red Wing to Rochester court appearances. It took a person of your talents and drive to get this outcome, it is better than we could have hoped for back in December. We wish you all the success and happiness that you can achieve in your career. Please don’t take this the wrong way, but we hope we never have to call you again BUT if something happens, not just to our son but to anyone in our family, Hillary Parsons will be called upon once again, you are our super hero. We are back in Arizona again and this time it should be stress free. Thank you from the depths of our hearts. Every day is a good day and we choose to be happy every day.

    — Mark and Jean

    Allan, My life has been nothing but positive since the day I first met you in St. Croix County, WI. Your influence, guidance and support have helped me on so many levels.

    — K.J.

    Hi Lis, Thank you so much for all you've done, I’m really happy with the outcome and can’t express enough gratitude! Thanks for everything!

    — S.D.

    Allan, Paul & Mary are in Telluride with us and I told them that we need to go to dinner with you and your wife. They are so appreciative of your responsiveness, competence and success. Paul was even singing my praises for recommending you!

    — M.W.

    Dear Mr. Sommers, I would like to say that the recommendation you made regarding Mr. Caplan was excellent. We were extremely pleased with his services and would highly recommend his firm to any other clients of yours that would be in need of his services.

    — F.R. and J.R.

    Dear Attorney Allan Caplan, I can’t thank you enough for your brilliant and outstanding legal representation during one of the most difficult challenges of my life. Instead of suffering a threatening and horrible future with prison and fines, I am looking forward to a normal and happy life with family and friends. You made my problems go away. I was charged with serious crimes carrying substantial prison sentences and fines that would have changed my life forever. In addition, I would have forever lost my privileges to hunt, a lifelong passion that is important to me and that I share with family and friends. Also a substantial and valuable gun collection was confiscated from my home along with ammunition. Several of the guns were family heirlooms handed down through the generations. You personally attended to my case traveling several hours to attend my court hearings. You were always on time and prepared. You made me feel calm and comfortable in court with your commanding presence, knowledge of the law, quick thinking and humor. You also knew everyone and they knew and respected you: judges, prosecutors, attorneys representing others in court. This made me feel confident and hopeful. You personally and promptly returned my frequent telephone calls. Your written communication kept me well informed. The talented attorneys and staff in your office knew who I was, asked me how I was doing, and were always helpful and kind. You always had a solution and a goal in sight. Not only did you save my future, but to the astonishment of my family and friends, you obtained the return of all of the guns and ammunition, a feat unheard of by all of them. And of course this was accomplished in time for hunting season. My family and I thank you for everything and for giving us back our future together. I would highly recommend you and the law firm to anyone. They would be lucky to have you stand by their side and save them – like you did me.

    — K.G.

    Hi, I wanted to thank Mr. Tamburino for all the work he did for me and tell him that I am very pleased with the outcome of my case.

    — J.O.

    Joe, I saw you on WCCO-TV on Sunday morning, commenting on a number of legal matters. You really did a great job and your explanations were very clear and concise. Keep up the great work.

    — Ron Zamansky, Attorney

    Joe, Just wanted to say thanks again and WOW, what a nice/quick resolution of my case. [Criminal Vehicular Operation dropped down to a misdemeanor DWI]

    — L.S.

    Allan, After a night’s sleep and further consideration, I would like you to take the prosecutor’s offer to reduce my 4th Degree DWI to Careless Driving. My only goal was to end this ordeal yesterday, which has taken an emotional toll on myself and my family. I realized you indicated that there was no harm in waiting, however, you cannot guarantee this plea bargain would be available to me at a later date – and this would continue to weigh heavily on my emotional, mental and physical state. Just even the thought of appearing in court, or the possibility of any trial – I cannot stomach. Truth be told, I see this as a great success by you and your team. To have the prosecutor offer this settlement right out of the shoot tells me volumes about your reputation and that of your firm – I definitely made the right decision to have you represent me. Every dollar was well spent. I will always be eternally grateful to you Allan.

    — S.S.

    Joe & Hillary, I am very happy with the results and am pleased that I will not need to return to court for this matter. Thank you both for your help with this case! I was extremely impressed with you guys! Should I ever, God forbid, need a defense attorney in the future, I will not hesitate to call you guys.

    — J.J.

    Allan – I just wanted to say thank you for everything you have done for me and my family. I really appreciate it and thank you for “putting up” with my partner (haha, that's a whole task by itself) jokes aside, if it wasn't for you, I would still be celebrating a few more new years in this hell hole. So again, thanks and I wish you and your family the best of everything, health, happiness, prosperity and everything else that you can possibly wish for yourself.

    — J.R.

    Thank you so much for all your support, guidance, and hard work. We achieved the best outcome possible and I really don’t think it would have worked out the way it did without having you go to bat for me.

    — T.D.

    Dear Allan, not a day goes by that my girlfriend and I are not thankful for how our situation turned out and that we can finally be together. Every single day, we continue to breathe a huge sigh of relief. And we owe all of our gratitude to you and your incredible legal team. The last year and a half has easily been the most difficult time of my life: being charged with a crime and losing many friends as a result; losing my job and facing public humiliation; having complete uncertainty of my future; being convinced that my life was completely over; standing trial; and of course, the death of my mother. And you, Allan, were the one who helped me get through each and every single one of these obstacles. Allan, during this most difficult time, you were not only my lawyer, but you were also a friend. Aside from your legal counsel and court preparations, your friendship and advice were especially comforting and needed during a time when I had almost nobody to turn to. You helped ease my worry and nerves, and you made my ordeal incredibly less nerve-wracking than it could have been. I found it very easy to put all of my trust and faith into you, and that is a difficult thing for somebody who was in my position to do: somebody whose entire future hangs in the balance. When I first realized I needed a lawyer, I did some shopping around and spoke with quite a few law firms. Most of them did not take the time to listen to the unique nature of my case — one of them actually suggested I skip town as a solution! Almost all of the firms I spoke with basically told me I was screwed, and it was obvious they were not taking the time to listen to the details of my situation. Allan, you were the only attorney who actually listened. You were the only one who invited me to meet you face to face that very afternoon, and you have no idea how happy I am that I did. When I showed up at your office less than an hour after our first telephone conversation, you and Hillary (whom I also owe an immense deal of gratitude) had already researched my situation extensively and were prepared to start working my case that very day. At that moment, I knew I made a wise decision with you and your firm. It was also during this initial visit with you that my nerves finally started to calm. I thought my life was over; thanks to you, I was wrong. My life is now just beginning. You, Hillary, and the rest of your team have shown extreme patience to deal with my many, many phone calls. I had nobody to turn to except you and Hillary, and I think back to how often I called your office with questions and concerns, or sometimes just for simple reassurance — it seems like I averaged about 3 calls a day. l But you and the members of your firm were always more than happy to offer me assistance, no matter how mundane my questions were. During my entire legal ordeal, it was very apparent that you and your team took a genuine and concerned interest in me, my life, and my future — you were not just simply doing your jobs. You treated me as if it were not only my future on the line, but yours as well. It was this genuine care that really helped me get through it all; I was part of a fantastic team — a team who truly had my best interests at heart. I still think of how lucky I am that I had such a truly amazing legal team on my side. During the trial, it was apparent that you were the only lawyer who was well-prepared, and had a plan that was organized and effective. You literally thought everything through. It was nothing short of amazing to watch you think on your feet and attack the case from all sorts of angles I never would have thought of. You treated the case as though it was your life on the line, and I’ll never forget that. Aside from legal advice, but you also offered personal advice — the kind of advice I would expect from an old friend — that I still refer back to and will for the rest of my life. You not only made sure I still had a future, but you offered wisdom that assured I would have a good future. Thank you. You and your team truly possess a most impressive mix of professionalism, preparedness, and knowledge. I will always turn to you with any legal matter I, or any member of my family, may have in the future. I cannot recommend you enough, Allan. Allan, you and your firm truly are superheroes. Thank you again for everything.

    — M.E.

    Thank you so much for everything you have helped me with. It has been a tremendous weight lifted off my shoulders knowing you and your firm was with me every step of the way. I sincerely appreciate it.

    — S.V.

    I’d like to truly thank you for your incredible help on my case. I couldn't have imagined or anticipated the outcome this far, and am far closer to putting it all behind me because of your effort. Beyond avoiding a potentially dire outcome, you made a terrible situation easier to manage from a personal perspective. A sincere thanks again for all you've done.

    — B.F.

    I can’t thank you enough for all your help, support, & guidance. I feel lucky to have found you.

    — A.T.

    I received your latest letter confirming that no appeal was filed by the Judge on the Expungement Order. I just wanted to thank you for this great outcome – your oral argument was impressive & I’m glad I had you representing me.

    — M.M.

    I just wanted to reiterate to you my appreciation for all of your hard work and thank you once more. This experience was life altering, and it was incredibly helpful to have someone supporting me who was as understanding, empathetic, and knowledgeable as you are. I couldn't have asked for a better person to represent me.

    — L.I.

    I wanted to thank you in writing regarding my 4th Degree DWI. I had multiple charges and was facing jail time and fines. I was looking for the best possible outcome. Your knowledge of DWI law gave me comfort. On the day of the court hearing you gave me confidence and removed a large amount of fear. You skillfully negotiated with the Prosecutor to reach a favorable settlement. Two charges were dismissed and the remaining DWI was reduced to a small fine and one day of community service. I am extremely pleased to have my life back again to focus on my family and future. You have my highest recommendation.

    — J.W.

    Thank you Thank you Thank you. My heart and mind are stress free! All my best.

    — C.O.

    Thanks for your call and advice today. I think I was not properly appreciative on our call — I felt a little distracted — but wanted you to know that we value greatly the help you have given us. We appreciate your walking us through this legal maze, and being kind and friendly throughout.

    — C.W.T.

    Allan, I can’t thank you enough for handling my case. I am still a little shocked and didn't express my gratitude as much as I was feeling it. It’s really a pleasure to work with some who is good at what they do. I hope the next time I see you, it’s at a fundraiser or some such thing, and not as my attorney!

    — J.T.

    Thank you so much for your quick action and wise counsel [sic] yesterday in regards to the actions against my daughter. I know we have a long road ahead, but I am comforted in knowing you are representing us.

    — P.H.

    Thanks again for your hard work on this case and making this horrible thing a lot easier on my mind. I would recommend you to anyone dealing with this issue in the future. You really made the process easier.

    — D.S.

    You guys are the best! All of you. Best money I've ever spent. Thanks guys! If you ever need another testimonial let me know because I’d love to write one. I’m still pinching myself because I can’t believe I actually woke up in my own bed this morning. Impressive to say the least and I have recommended the firm to everyone I know.

    — M.M.

    Thank you very much for doing such an excellent job representing me in my case. You were very professional and the final outcome was very good. I am very glad that I hired you. My family and I are all grateful and are now in a position to move forward.

    — H.B.

    Thank you for the great job you did in representing me. My circumstance concerning my DUI case in Minneapolis was not looking good for me. You took a case that had some very harsh penalties and turned the whole thing into a very livable deal. Actually the entire case had a much better outcome then I ever could have hoped for. We were able to avoid court all together and you even managed to get the DUI dismissed. I know there was not much you could do about the refusal, however you made the terms of my punishment very easy to stomach. Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into my case and also being so understanding of my financial difficulties and hardships. You are a great lawyer and deserve the recognition and awards you have received from your community. By the way you are also a good person. Thank you again for your service.

    — M.R.

    Joe, I just wanted to say thank you for everything you have done to help me with this court case. Everything went well this morning, and I am glad to have finally settled this whole ordeal. I know that, without your help, things would definitely not have gone as well as they have…I am incredibly appreciative of everything you have done. Mr. Tamburino, as well as his associates at Caplan & Tamburino Law, goes above and beyond to help their clients. They are prompt, very courteous, and are all around outstanding and professional. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of help, and am incredibly satisfied with the outstanding quality assistance they provide.

    — J.B.

    Thank you for your work on my behalf. Your handling of the case has been professional from the start, demonstrating intricacies of the law I obviously wouldn't have known, and I’m certain most lawyers wouldn't have known either. You put me at ease knowing I was in good hands.

    — P.M.

    Thank you for all your work on this matter. Getting the news right before Christmas was a welcome bonus as well. This has been my most difficult year yet, but I’m grateful to all the people who have helped me get through it and a big part of that was due to you and the excellent work you did. Thank you for always being available to me and for seeing this through. I will continue to work hard as well.

    — H.R.

    Thank you for your professionalism and counsel provided to me. I am so appreciative.

    — P.R.

    I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all that you did for us. Under the stress of everything we were going through, you handled our daughter’s case with more than just professionalism. You did it with poise, confidence, friendliness, and concern. Your ability and willingness to answer our questions and explain everything, were a constant source of assurance. The outcome was more than we expected, and we sincerely thank you for your hard work. With gratitude.

    — A.L. and B.L.

    This email was simply to state how happy I am that I made the call to your firm. From day one, you never gave any false hope or promises and the confidence that you displayed help to reassure me. I've never needed legal representation before, outside of my divorce attorney (Man, I could have used you then… ha!) and I felt pretty overwhelmed and distrusting in the beginning. After our first initial meeting, that feeling went away. Not only was my mind put at ease, but my confidence in lawyers restored. I hope that the partners at Caplan Law realize the great lawyer that they have working with them, as I’m sure they are well aware. Thanks again so much for your help, guidance, and professionalism throughout! I will be sure to send anyone that is looking for solid, honest representation your way. I couldn't have asked for a better lawyer. Take care and all the best to you in the future!

    — A.J.

    I wanted to thank you for your work on my case. I appreciate how you continually considered my family’s welfare during the process, even considering how home monitoring over the holidays would be devastating to my children. I am pleased with my sentencing and getting the case resolved so I can move on.

    — D.M.

    When I was arrested for DWI, I had no clue where to start. I called a random DWI attorney from the book provided by the police, and visited him the next day. It was like stepping into American Psycho. Not only did neither this fellow nor any of the other attorneys I visited that day sound all that confident about success in my (ultimately quite routine) case, but I got the uneasy feeling that I might end up in a body bag in the closet, or being chased by a chainsaw-wielding maniac. They kept going on about all the ramifications of getting a DWI, all of which I already knew or had imagined…ultimately it was terribly unnerving and draining. Then I visited Mr. Joseph Tamburino. If attorneys can have a ‘bedside manner’ like doctors, then I’d say Mr. Tamburino has the best imaginable. He is a thoroughly affable fellow, a consummate communicator, and a highly competent attorney to boot. When I left his office, I felt calm and at ease that I finally had my life back, and went about my business as I had before. The case came and went, and my life and criminal record was only minimally affected. Mr. Tamburino’s DWI defense fee is, in my humble opinion, very modest, when one considers the quality of representation one is securing, and the value added to this service in the form of confident reassurance and general affability. His firm is a model of professionalism throughout, and my experience has not been marred by even the slightest miscommunication or breach of trust. I therefore enthusiastically recommend his services to anyone so unfortunate as to find themselves in a similar situation.

    — R.H.

    Dear Allan, once again, we thank you for your expert assistance in a trying situation with one of our grandchildren. We don’t know where we would have turned without your legal advice with respect to our grandson’s case. Our granddaughter was released to the halfway hour on April 4 and resumed work the following week. Visiting the halfway house was allowed three evenings as well as the weekends for her first three weeks. This coming weekend she’ll have a full weekend pass. The director at the halfway house told us that she came from Waseca with the highest praise from staff for her outstanding behavior & commitment to change. He said she’s extremely focused and he feels certain she won’t re-offend. The BOP has tentatively set her release date from the halfway house. We’re not sure what restrictions she’ll be under at that time, but we told her that you requested that she stop in to see you which she’s looking forward to doing. When we watch her and her daughter’s loving interaction, we think how tragic the outcome would have been without your expertise and wisdom. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving her the opportunity to turn her life around and to be here for her daughter.

    — B.P. and S.P.

    Thanks for all your hard work. This couldn't have turned out any better. I can’t thank you enough. It’s been real tough for me, but you made it a bit easier. I promise to never get myself into this kind of nonsense. It’s a BIG lesson learned. I wish you the best! You’re a great person and you’re good at what you do. I knew I could count on you!

    — K.Y.

    Thank you so much for your help and guidance through all of this trouble for me. It brought me great peace of mind having you on my side to help me. I will pass along any business I can to you through other people if it comes up.

    — B.C.

    I am committed to my sobriety and on March 1st I had 6 months clean and sober. I can’t thank you enough for all you did. I feel very fortunate to have had you as my attorney!

    — L.C.

    Hi, Allan. Congratulations! I see you are receiving an important award from Minnesota Lawyer tonight in recognition for the work you do for clients. Congratulations! You are truly a great attorney, and John and I really appreciate all that you did for John…We know there are a lot of bright stars at the Caplan Law firm! Jenny was also very kind and professional. Thanks, all…and congratulations, again, Allan.

    — D.C.

    Just wanted to say thank you for representing me in such a professional manner. I appreciate your communication throughout this process and I am pleased that he agreed to reduce my charges.

    — L.R.

    Just a big note of thanks for all your help with my daughter’s case. You did a great job, well worth my saying it. I wish you and yours the very best.

    — Father of M.D.

    Dear Allan, how can saying thank you begin to convey our deep gratitude for the exceptional representation that you provided for our granddaughter on her federal drug conspiracy charge? From our initial contact with your office and your associates, we were impressed with your forthrightness regarding the seriousness of the charges, your intention to get the best possible result for our granddaughter, and your swift action in dealing with the federal authorities. Jenny took our first call to your office and we thank her for recognizing our need to speak to you immediately. Usually, when someone says you’ll get a return call in five minutes, it doesn't mean much. Not only did we get that call in less than five minutes, but two hours later we were sitting with you and Joseph Tamburino in your office with our granddaughter. The excruciating anxiety that we’d been living with dropped to a bearable level when we made the decision to have you represent her. We also want to thank Caplan & Tamburino Law Firm for their assistance. Each person in your firm whom we had contact with cemented our belief that our granddaughter had the best representation. Every step of the way, someone was there to inform and reassure us. The minimal sentence that she was given on February 1 is remarkable considering what she was facing a year ago. Her whole family recognizes that this result is completely due to the extraordinary defense that you mounted for her. She has changed immensely in the last year and with the outcome that you achieved for her, Allan, she now has the opportunity for continued personal growth as well as to be part of her daughter’s life. With great respect and warm regards,

    — S.P. and B.P.

    Allan, words can’t begin to express how thankful I am for everything you have done for me. Because of you, I will be able to watch my daughter grow up. That in itself is a bigger blessing than I could ever have hoped for. Not only did you represent me with professionalism, but you stood by my side and believed in me. You never made promises you couldn't keep, but as my case progressed you gave me hope. Because of you that hope became a reality. I am so glad you represented me! I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you!

    — T.C.

    Mr. Caplan, I wanted to take a moment and thank you for personally meeting with me yesterday. I’m so impressed that you take the time to personally intake new clients and are actively engaged. These actions speak volumes about your character and practice. Your sincerity and kindness are greatly appreciated! Thanks again.

    — W.H.

    Dear Allan, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the kindness and help you have provided to my daughter and our entire family. I have never been through a more stressful period in my life. The consideration you have provided can never be repaid. Since the moment we met with you to discuss our daughter’s case, I immediately felt less angst and fear. I honestly do not know how I could cope with the additional matters we have recently encountered. Your strong leadership, positive attitude, and calm demeanor have continued to lighten this unbearable load I carry. Our daughter is a good person and has not been able to deal with what has happened to her. We love and will see this through with her. I cannot express in words how thankful I am that you are representing her. You have my utmost respect and admiration.

    — C.D. (Mother of T.H.)

    I just wanted to personally thank you for everything that you have done for me! Without you and other legal counsel at Caplan & Tamburino Law Firm, Allan included, who knows what the verdict would have been? I shudder to think! I hope to never find myself in this situation ever again! I am truly grateful for the kindness & respect you have given me, and the effort it took to help me with my mess of a case! I would highly recommend you to everyone! [A] mere thank you just does not seem to be enough to express the sincere gratitude I have…Take care!

    — T.H.

    I was just emailing to let you know how thankful I am to have had you represent me. I started a new job in June. It all worked out better in the long run with a better job and none of this would be possible if you had not done the outstanding job you did getting the exact result I needed allowing me to continue my career. I have referred you to three close friends and will continue to for anyone else I know in the future. All in all I just wanted to say thanks so much. You did an outstanding job in all aspects of it. If I can ever help you in any way feel free to call me. I owe you my career and a lot more.

    — B.G.

    Just writing a long-overdue note to thank you for all your efforts with our cases. Things are now back under control and definitely the best thing to have in the world is our peace of mind.

    — N.B. & M.A.

    Mr. Allan Caplan & Staff, I want to thank you again for everything you did for me recently. The entire experience with your firm was exceptional. And, of course, the outcome far better than I had dared hope. You can be sure I will recommend your service highly to anyone in need of exceptional legal assistance.

    — M.D.

    Our words alone couldn't show our overwhelming gratitude. Your genuine care and professionalism in working with us is unparalleled. You will be forever in our thoughts and prayers not only for your service, but mostly for the people you are.

    — From the Families of B.T. & M.P.

    I want to thank you and Allan for everything you helped me with. After working with you, I sincerely believe you have a great future as a lawyer, litigator or whatever you field of choice may be. It is refreshing these days to see someone with a true passion for what he does. Thank you again and please thank Allan and Jenny as well.

    — G.S.

    I want you to know how much I appreciate what you are doing for my daughter. It has been a big relief to know you are representing her. Not just because you come highly recommended but because I believe you care about my daughter and her well-being.

    — R.M.

    Well, what can I say, I owe…you my life! After my charges I lost my job, house, child, and would have lost my career forever, however you used your expertise and knowledge to save me. During the painful event you calmed me in intense moments and held my hand through the scary and hurtful process. In addition to representing me for the charges, you also were able to expunge my record! ABSOLUTE MIRACLE! It had not even been a year after the misdemeanor and…you performed the miracle in front of the judge that day. I will NEVER forget what you have done for me and most of all you gave me hope. I would recommend anyone to you that wants the BEST on their team to represent them. Although I have had a tough two years, (almost 3 years) I’m finally getting my life back and happy to have my kids back! No job yet, but that will come in time and I had an opportunity of a lifetime to enjoy them through my unemployment. I would consider…you my family and not just some attorneys that represented my in a case. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    — J.D.

    I just wanted to thank you for everything you have done for me. I finally feel like my life is getting back on track.

    — B.B.

    I am writing to let you know how thankful I am to you for the swift action you took on my behalf Saturday, August 1st. I also want to let you know that after reviewing your website and understanding your firm’s outstanding credentials, I have the utmost respect and confidence in you representing me in my legal matters.

    — G.G.

    Again, I just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work in getting this reduced for me. You have no clue how much it meant to me. This was a very difficult time in my life, and I appreciated everything you did to achieve the best outcome. Again, thanks for all your hard work. And if you ever need to find a good surgeon, give me a call and I can start returning the many favors I owe you.

    — A.J.

    Thank you. I am very pleased with the outcome. I have and will refer business to you. Good Luck with your practice and future. Best Regards.

    — T.T.

    Thanks again for all of your amazing work with my case. I’m so appreciative of everything you've done for me. I couldn't have asked for anyone better. This is one of the hardest lessons I've ever had to learn, and you made getting through it so much better than it could have been. I’m very grateful to have you as my lawyer. Thanks again!

    — K.H.

    You were absolutely fantastic and I was so impressed from beginning to end. I just wanted to let you know that you greatly saved my career and I recently found a new job. If you had not done the perfect job I would be in a totally different career position right now and cannot express how thankful I am enough. After all the hard work and waiting I actually came out of it all with a better job. It’s as if it had never happened now. If there is ever anything I can help out with or do please feel free to contact me anytime. I owe you one huge! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!

    — B.G.

    I can’t thank you enough for all you've done for my family and me recently. I am positive that I would not have had as favorable a result if you weren't involved in the process. If there is anything I can ever do to help you with your business, please do not hesitate. You provide excellent representation for high profile and sensitive cases; protecting confidentiality so that clients can move forward to continue living their lives. Thank you.

    — S.A.

    You will never know how much you have helped me. I will never forget what you did for me. Thanks for being such an honest and strong advocate.

    — D.C.

    You are the “bomb of barristers.” Thanks for giving me a new start on life. I owe you.

    — R.H.

    Dear Mr. Garry, thank you so much for helping me through a very difficult period. I greatly appreciate everything you've done. Please know that your generosity will always be remembered as I move forward with my life’s changes. Sincerely and with gratitude.

    — D.D.

    Dear Mr. Caplan, thank you does not sound as though it fully expresses how deeply grateful I, as well as my husband, are for your amazing action in my matter. However simple of an expression, it is our feeling! We are deeply relieved to have this weight off of our shoulders and no longer clogging our every thought. With utmost appreciation, gratitude, & respect.

    — J.C.

    Allan, thank you so much for accommodating my needs regarding my son’s defense. I appreciate it and so does my husband.

    — M.D. (Mother of client charged with Felony Burglary & Probation Violation)

    Dear Mr. Caplan, I am an identical twin. Like many children, my twin sister and I believed that if we pulled the covers up over our eyes (or merely covered them with our hands), nothing could hurt us—”it” would simply go away. That is exactly what you did for us – you made “it” go away!!! Words could never express adequately the appreciation I feel. With my heartfelt thanks.

    — P.G. (mother to client J.C.)

    I just wanted to say again thank you so very much for all your hard work on my case and everything you have done since then.

    — J.H.

    Thanks…I do appreciate your efforts in this matter. I was such an idiot…but it is behind me now, and I can still run for President!

    — R.A.

    Thank you…Once again, I know I have made the right decision by putting the rest of this mess in your hands (so to speak). As you can imagine, the impending anxiety, along with over a year of stress and financial strain over this case has been exhausting. There will be no hesitation on my part to move forward with an additional retainer, understanding the additional investment that comes with it. As you know, not only is my reputation at the firm where I work of utmost importance to me, but my ability to serve my clients and my ability to serve my children will not be hindered if I have anything to say about it. Thank you, in advance, for assisting me with this stressful time. Your prompt follow-ups, professionalism, and kindness help me sleep at night!

    — M.E.

    We appreciate the support you have provided to our family in working through this situation with [our son]. I think this has hit him pretty hard which is a good thing. I need to go get some Kleenex.

    — B.W. (Father of client charged with 3rd Degree DWI & Fleeing)

    Charles – Thanks for everything and thanks for handling my case. I feel I got awesome representation.

    — A.A.

    I just wanted to thank you for all the help you have given to our son. I just wish we had found you when this whole thing started a couple of years ago. Our son has a lot of respect for you. It is a shame that there are not more caring lawyers like you. Thank you again.

    — Mother of Client charged with DWI and Probation Violation

    I want to take time to thank you and Caplan & Tamburino Law Firm for the outstanding guidance and assistance in my case. I was terribly stressed that I was faced with this situation and because of my past experience, although I felt confident in your ability and belief that I had a good case for dismissal, I know that even a great case isn't guaranteed to win. My biggest stress was the amount of time required to try a case like this, cost involved, emotional ups and downs, and the possibility of a huge fine and jail time. Your advice and ability to deliver the best possible alternative to trying the case was a great relief. Last night, we just couldn't quit discussing what you did for us. I have worked with other law firms in the past and your firm, represented by you, provided me with a quality, well informed, and outstanding advice so that I could make the decision on how to deal with this case. It was very refreshing to be able to directly contact you as needed and not have to wait very long for a response. We thank you for that and we sincerely appreciate your representation in this matter. Although I enjoyed working with you, please don’t be offended if I hope that I never see you again, at least professionally…

    — J.D. (client charged with 3rd Degree DWI Refusal)

    Thank you for your expertise and compassion. With gratitude.

    — S.A. and family

    I don’t think I can count the number of times I have wanted to sit down and jot a note off to you. And I don’t think I can count the number of times your name has come up with my wife, daughter, and me. From the day we met right down to the final court hearing you really gave our daughter back her life. She has come miles through her AA group and therapist. She is a much stronger young woman who knows herself. Again, we thank you. You were always there for us. You were honest with us. And you went the distance and then some. I hope your life is going great and that your young family is healthy and happy. Just know that I will never forget you. You really are a special person and a gifted attorney. Please don’t respond. You have done enough. Thank you.

    — D.H. (Father of client)

    I just want to express my gratitude for not only handling this case, but also doing so in a timely manner! Now, I should be good to start my career in Colorado. Thanks again.

    — J.B.

    Hello – Once again I wanted to thank you and every one in your office on a great job you all did with my court case if it wasn't for you I don’t know what I would have done and I would be glad to send anyone I know who may have found themselves in a spot that needed a lawyer you all rock thank you so much again.

    — J.H.

    Thank you so much for all your support, guidance, and hard work. We achieved the best outcome possible and I really don’t think it would have worked out the way it did without having you go to bat for me.

    — T.D.

    Dear Allan, I want to thank you for taking on this extremely emotional case for me and my family. I can tell you how safe I feel knowing that you are representing me. This will be a long journey but I have faith!

    — J.W.

    Until one has been in that space, it is difficult to understand the value of solid experienced legal defense. Our family stood ready to collapse in so many respects due to a drug related death resulting in a charge against my son. Bad choices, had become the nightmare from which none of us could awake. It’s unclear exactly how we were blessed with Allan and Lis, but we consider it the single greatest event in our son’s life. Our only child. His negotiated sentence was significantly less than we see almost daily in the news. Our son was brought back from the brink and will leave his incarceration to lead a productive and law-abiding life. My son is deeply aware of his circumstances and what could have been the disasterous result. I literally credit Allan and Lis for saving our 3 lives. There is no amount of money that could compensate them for the kindness, proactive efforts and guidance that they provided. It gave us a tremendous amount of comfort knowing our destiny was in the hands of a team with such expertise. I would, without any hesitation, strongly recommend Caplan & Tamburino to friends, family and anyone I truly care about. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

    — D.W.

    I want to thank Caplan & Associates, specifically Betsey Urbas, for their help in resolving my DUI case. They were supportive and non-judgmental when dealing with my situation, and were tenacious in pursuing a positive outcome for my criminal case. They answered all my questions in a quick and easy-to-understand manner and have remained in contact and helpful even after the resolution of my criminal case. I cannot recommend Betsey Urbas enough.

    — J.B.

    Lis,I appreciate all the work you’ve done, and I’m very pleased with the result, and I know my friend is as well. I’m glad we called you back in March, thanks again.

    — D.K.

    To whom it may concern,Attorney Betsey Urbas combined solid advice and representation regarding my legal issues while emphasizing and achieving a favorable outcome. I want to thank her for all of the hard work on my behalf. I feel that she has done a job that exceeded my expectations and am fortunate to have had her represent me in my case. As a client, I recognized her focus, dedication, and determination to achieving the best results for me. I can tell she has great knowledge of the law, and is meticulous in the preparations for my case. When interacting with Betsey, my concerns and questions were answered in a important, personal, and timely manner. I felt like a priority; and I would be hard pressed to find an attorney better.

    — J.R.

    My experience with Betsey was very positive. Beginning with our first conversation I immediately felt I could trust her. Betsey thoroughly explained a variety of options, provided exceptional and realistic advice and together we selected an approach that best served my interests. Thanks to her expertise I had a very favorable outcome. I highly recommend Betsey without any reservations.

    — A.H.

    Thanks Hillary. Thank you for all your help in getting this resolved for me! I enjoyed working with you and thanks for working hard to reduce my case to careless driving.

    — K.K.

    Betsey Urbas provided expert legal guidance for my third degree (Refusal to Submit to Testing) and fourth degree (DUI) charges. Betsey skillfully explained my legal situation within hours of my arrest. Betsey helped me to get out of jail in a minimum amount of time so that I was able to return to work. Betsey’s superior knowledge and actions of how DMV license revocation works minimized my time without driving privileges. Betsey was able to persuade the Prosecuting Attorney to drop the third degree charges, serve no jail time, reduce the fine, and serve unsupervised probation. I recommend Betsey Urbas for legal representation.

    — G.V.
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