Defense Team Challenges: Attorney Joe Tamburino Talks about Police Shootout Case

A man was charged with killing a Mendola Heights police officer. For the trial, more than 50 witnesses came forward to deliver testimonies, which took place over six days. Now, the case will be headed into jury deliberation, which Attorney Joe Tamburino believes won’t be long before the final verdict is reached. While Tamburino is not representing this client, his insight into the case sheds some light into challenges that defense teams might face.

Examining the Evidence

In a case such as this one, where much of the evidence in the case weighs heavily against the defendant, Tamborino states that the defense team’s best strategy is to challenge every element piece by piece.

These are the current findings in the case:

  • DNA swabs on 9 mm pistol matched defendant’s
  • DNA matched defendant’s car
  • Dash cam video of the officer being shot
  • Video of shootout between defendant and police
  • Fingerprints found on map drawn by defendant

Prosecution further uncovered that the defendant drew the map himself, which was given to an inmate. The alleged plan was to kill two witnesses whose testimonies could have been incriminating.

Other Challenges for the Defense

Changing the location or geographic area of a trial, also called “change of venue” can often play a huge role in the outcome. A high-profile case, for example, can benefit from the change of venue because the case may not be as well-known to jurors who live outside of the community.

In the case mentioned above, which was moved to Stearns County from Dakota, Tamburino believes that it will not do much for the defense. His reasoning is that news circulates easily in this day and age. He said, “People are going to know about it no matter what.”

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