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Minnesota has some of the strictest laws when it comes to driving while intoxicated (DWI). If you or someone you love has been arrested for DWI in Minnesota, the penalties you face are nothing to ignore.

At Caplan & Tamburino Law Firm, P.A., our Minneapolis DWI attorneys are here to make sure you get the committed and effective legal representation you need when facing such charges and uncertainties.

Backed by over a century of experience, our team can inform you of your rights, protect your best interests, and provide the legal advocacy you need to pursue the best possible resolution in your case.

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Help for All Types of Drunk Driving Charges

Our DWI lawyers handle all types of drunk driving charges, including:

If you are convicted of a DWI offense, the penalties you face may include fines, jail time, license suspension, court-ordered installation of an ignition interlock device, and more.

This is why it’s important to act quickly after an arrest. The sooner you call us, the sooner we can help.

Our DWI lawyers in Minneapolis are here to answer your questions, act on your behalf, and make sure you feel confident about the direction of your case.

The Difference Between DUI and DWI in Minnesota

Under Minnesota law, the terms "DUI" and "DWI" have slightly different definitions.

DUI refers to driving under the influence and can apply to drivers who are impaired by either alcohol or drugs, or both.

DWI, or driving while intoxicated, applies in cases where a driver’s blood alcohol concentration is above the legal limit of .08%.

Penalties for a First-Time DWI Offense in Minnesota

In Minnesota, it is illegal to operate a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08% or greater. If your BAC is between .08% and .16%, you will be charged with a misdemeanor.

The penalties for a first-time DWI offense may include:

  • Maximum 90-day jail sentence
  • Up to $1,000 in fines
  • 90 days of no driving privileges
  • Ignition interlock device (IID)

If your alcohol concentration level exceeds 0.16%, you could be charged with a gross misdemeanor. Penalties may include up to one year in jail, $3,000 in fines, and one year of no driving privileges.

New Law in Minnesota Has Lowered the Alcohol Limit

As of August 1, 2015, a law was passed to lower the blood alcohol threshold for enhanced charges.

In Minnesota, drivers with elevated BAC levels of .16% or higher will be charged with gross misdemeanors.

This aggravating factor poses more severe penalties, including a one-year loss of your driver’s license and up to one year in jail. Prior to this law, the aggravating limit was .20.

Can I Fight My DWI Charges on My Own?

Entrusting your case to a lawyer can ensure that someone who is familiar with the law, the tactics used by prosecutors, and the most effective methods for defending clients’ rights is working to secure the most favorable outcome possible.

At Caplan & Tamburino Law Firm, P.A., our DWI lawyers in Minneapolis have decades of experience representing clients charged with all types of drunk driving offenses.

We have the resources that could make a difference in your case.

With so much on the line, why would you risk handling these matters on your own?

A Conviction Affects Your Ability to Operate ALL Motor Vehicles

In August 2018, the law in Minnesota was changed to prohibit someone convicted of DWI from operating any motor vehicle at all.

Someone who is convicted of DWI after being pulled over in their personal vehicle will not be allowed to operate a snowmobile, motorboat, or ATV for as long as their license is suspended.

The same is true for the inverse; you will be banned from driving your car because you were found to be operating a snowmobile, motorboat, or ATV while intoxicated.

Furthermore, the legal change allows chemical testing, conditional releases, and plate impoundment to be used against first-time DWI suspects who were using an off-road recreational vehicle.

In the past, such stipulations could only be imposed against someone using a highway-approved vehicle with licensing.

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The truth is disregarding criminal charges of any type will never yield a good result. It is important to be proactive. After all, this is your life and future at stake. Speaking with the Minneapolis DWI attorneys at our firm is a great way to take the initiative and start turning the situation around. Led by former prosecutors and Board Certified Criminal Law Specialists, we are prepared to answer your questions and provide the counsel and representation you need.

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  • Assault – Motivated by Bias

    Attorney Joe Tamburino and Hannah Martin represented a client who was charged with assault that was motivated by bias. If convicted, that would have meant that they were found to have assaulted someone because of the color of their skin, which was not true. Joe and Hannah took the case to trial and the jury agreed that the assault was not motivated by bias. This was a huge relief because an assault linked to racial bias would have been detrimental to our client’s reputation.

  • First Degree Assault Reduction of Charges

    When client is done with probation, the charge level will drop to a misdemeanor. Client did not serve any additional jail time. The family has been entirely reunited. This was a monumental result in an extremely difficult and complicated matter.

  • Felony Third-Degree Possession of Drugs Avoided Jail Time

    Based on these efforts, Ms. Parsons convinced the prosecutor to amended the charges to gross-misdemeanor possession, to which Client entered a plea of guilty. At sentencing, the judge stayed adjudication of the sentence, which means that the charges, upon completion of one year of probation, will be completed dismissed. Client paid a small fine and avoided any jail time.

  • Obstruction of Justice Avoided Conviction

    Ms. Parsons researched legal issues related to the Complaint, and argued that there was not probable cause to support the obstruction charge. The prosecutor agreed, dismissed that count of the Complaint, and the remaining noise complaint violation was continued for dismissal for a period of 6 months. Client avoided any type of conviction and the only condition of the agreement was that he pay prosecution costs of $25.00.

  • Obstructing Police and Disorderly Conduct Charge Dismissed

    The attorneys developed a legal strategy and isolated legal issues to challenge both pre-trial and at trial. After months of litigation, court appearances, motions, and submission of a memorandum of law, Joe and Kayla were able to obtain a complete dismissal of all charges. We are all very happy with the fabulous results in this case.

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