Jury Decides Not Guilty Verdict for Man Accused of Conspiring to Kill Ex-Wife's Husband

Jury in Carlton County made the decision to declare a not guilty verdict for a Carlton County man who was facing charges of planning to commit murder against his ex-wife’s husband. The victim survived his injuries and the defendant faced several charges for allegedly plotting the killing.

These were the charges brought upon him:

  • Conspiracy to commit first degree murder
  • Aiding and abetting first degree murder
  • Aiding and abetting first degree assault

While a gun was recovered during the investigation, there were no tests carried out to see if any of the man’s DNA or fingerprints could be recovered. Also, metal shavings found in the defendant’s home were never tested either. While the shavings apparently matched the serial number. His defense attorney, Joe Tamburino also reported that the man’s testimony aided in persuading the jury, stating that, “he's extremely believable. He has no criminal history. He's an Army veteran, active duty.”

Trial Proceedings & Results

In his testimony, the defendant made a point that he had no idea that his ex-wife wanted her husband dead. He further went on to state that he only knew about the killing when a detective reached out to him for information a day after it was discovered.

The ex-wife admitted to shooting the husband in the chest; because of her admission, her legal team was able to plea bargain a deal to reduce her charges, from attempted murder to first-degree assault and testifying against the accused defendant. Prosecutors did not find her to be a reliable or a credible source during her testimony against the defendant—something that the jurors saw right through. She is now serving time in a women’s prison.

Prosecutors argued in their closing arguments that the defendant showed his ex-wife how to handle a gun and how to shoot it. He alleged that the defendant was going to shave away the serial numbers on the gun, get rid of it, and burn her clothes so that there would be no evidence left behind.

Yet with all of these arguments mounted against the defendant, his lawyer wondered why none of these were ever tested. In Attorney Joe Tamburino's view, the case boiled down to incompetence on the part of investigators.

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