Attorney Tamburino Comments on Basketball Players Suspended for Releasing Sex Tapes

Recently, three basketball players from the University of Minnesota were suspended before the start of a game on Sunday evening. Sources state that one of the basketball players had tweeted two sex tapes on Friday. Other sources suggest the in the two videos, two of the players engaged in sexual activity. According to some, each video was filmed with a different woman. As of now, the players have been disciplined and suspended for breaking team rules. When asked, the coached commented that they are not aware of any criminal investigations regarding the players’ actions.

Criminal defense lawyer Joe Tamburino of Caplan & Tamburino Law Firm, P.A. stated it is not a crime to post a sex tape on social media accounts, but that it could be against the law if a victim in a video is unaware they are being filmed. He also stated that if a participant knowingly chose to be a video, they should be aware that the video could be used for numerous purposes in the future.

Currently, there is no information about whether or not the women knew they were being filmed during the sexual activities. Furthermore, no additional information regarding the length of the players’ suspensions has been released.

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