What Are Federal Sex Crimes?

Sex crime charges are among the most serious allegations a person can face in the criminal justice system. Not only do they have the potential to pose significant criminal penalties, including lengthy terms of imprisonment, they are also shrouded by a harsh social stigma that can jeopardize one’s personal and professional reputation. Often, sex crime convictions also require individuals to register as a sex offender, which can create life-altering limitations on their privacy and opportunities in life.

While many sex crimes are prosecuted at the state level, which means convicted individuals will navigate local courts and be subject to imprisonment in a state prison, some sex crimes are handled as federal cases. When the feds pick up a sex crime, or any crime for that matter, the stakes become higher. The federal government uses extensive resources to conduct investigations and prosecute suspects aggressively. Harsh federal sentencing guidelines, mandatory minimums, and higher time-served percentages can also expose defendants to more serious penalties and longer terms of imprisonment.

Because laws at the state and federal level often overlap when it comes to the types of conduct considered crimes, a number of sex crimes can technically be considered federal crimes. However, the federal government does not always pick up a sex crime investigation or prosecution. Typically, they will do so when crimes are more serious in nature, such as when they involve children and minors, or when crimes occur across state lines or with the use of the internet.

Examples of sex crimes that may be prosecuted at the federal level include:

  • Rape or aggravated sexual abuse
  • Sex crimes involving minors
  • Child pornography
  • Online solicitation of a minor
  • Human trafficking
  • Repeat sex offenses
  • Failures to register as a sex offender

While all cases are unique and involve different facts and circumstances, all federal sex crime cases put a lot on the line. What’s more, the federal criminal process, from investigation and indictment to pre-trial, prosecution, sentencing, and release, is markedly different than the process used by state courts. Because of this, attorneys who practice in federal court must be admitted to do so. Not every lawyer practices federal criminal defense, often because it can be exceedingly difficult and costly. Additionally, not every lawyer who practices in federal court has experience handling a lot of federal cases, including those involving sex crimes.

At Caplan & Tamburino Law Firm, P.A., our Minneapolis sex crime attorneys have extensive experience fighting on behalf of clients facing all types of sex crime allegations in both state and federal courts throughout Minnesota. Our experience, combined with the expertise of our attorneys, several of whom are Board Certified Specialists by the Minnesota State Bar Association, enables us to effectively protect the rights, freedoms, and futures of clients during all phases of a federal sex crime case. This includes investigations, pre-trial motions, negotiations with prosecutors, and, if necessary, trial. We also work with clients to educate them about how the federal criminal court system works, guide them through the process, and look for ways to eliminate or mitigate all potential penalties they face, including sex offender registration.

If you or someone you love is currently facing sex crime allegations, it is of the utmost importance that you speak with a member of our legal team as soon as possible. If the federal government is involved, you need aggressive representation immediately. Depending on the situation, even cases that begin as state crimes can be handed over to the federal government.

Conversely, some investigations that begin with the federal government may be kicked down to the state level. When reviewing the unique facts of your case as soon as you reach out to our firm, our attorneys can assess options for pre-file intervention, which can possibly result in a dropped investigation or a case being sent to state courts, which provides an opportunity for reduced charges and penalties.

The facts of your case will always dictate your available defense options, which is why a personalized case evaluation is how our firm begins every case. Caplan & Tamburino Law Firm, P.A. is available 24/7 to take your call anywhere in the state of Minnesota. When facing the most serious charges, you need proven lawyers on your side.

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