What Happens During Title IX Proceedings?

Title IX is a federal law that prohibits discrimination in the educational arena on the basis of sex. The United States Department of Education interprets Title IX to mandate federally-funded colleges and universities to investigate and resolve allegations of sexual misconduct, harassment, and violence, and dating and domestic violence that relate to the higher education establishment.

Title IX can be initiated under several different circumstances, for example: (1) any time a school policy violation involves a student, faculty, or volunteer; (2) when alleged policy violation occurred on campus or at a school-sponsored event; (3) when the school believe a safety concern affecting the school environment is present. Get informed on what happens during Title IX proceedings.

Who Handles Title IX Proceedings?

Once an individual brings forth allegations of sexual misconduct against another, Title IX requires colleges and universities to launch an investigation into the matter. Specifically, the law compels schools to set up their own system of investigating reports of sexual violence, interviewing the accused student and accusing student, interviewing suggested witnesses and, if a policy violation is found, subjecting the accused student to a disciplinary hearing.

The fallout from these hearings may have serious consequences on the accused student’s future prospects, including expulsion from the school and possible criminal charges.

Under Title IX, the individual who brought forth the allegations has the option to include the police. If they choose to do so, a criminal investigation will be opened. Often, schools and police work together and share information. In this situation, legal representation becomes vital. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help you understand and defend your rights while protecting your best interests.

When the stakes are this high, don’t gamble on your future. Our Title IX defense attorneys at Caplan & Tamburino have the experience to represent clients facing serious sex crime allegations, which can have life-altering consequences.

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