Attorney Tamburino Featured on Court TV for the “Killer Girlfriend” Murder Trial

Joe Tamburino on Court TV

Attorney Joe Tamburino weighs in on the WI V. McCandless “Killer Girlfriend” murder trial on Court TV. A young Wisconsin woman, Ezra J. McCandless, age 22, is facing a first-degree intentional homicide charge following the death of her boyfriend, Alexander L. Woodworth. As a former prosecutor and an active criminal defense attorney, Joe Tamburino is an invaluable asset for media outlets in search of information and clarity following complex cases like this. Attorney Tamburino has been able to use his experience and legal understanding to explain the defense tactics, identify potential problems with the case, and foresee possible legal strategies.

The Case

The body of Alexander L. Woodworth, age 24, was found on March 23, 2018 in a car in Spring Brook, Wisconsin. According to his girlfriend, McCandless, Woodworth attacked her while they were in the car together the day prior. Amid their scuffle, McCandless says she stabbed Woodworth in self-defense. However, the state argues that McCandless intentionally killed Woodworth following a gender identity crisis.

The trial began on October 14th, 2019, and is expected to last up to 3 weeks. As events unfold, Attorney Joe Tamburino continues to provide commentary to help shed light on the legal proceedings.

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Keep updated with the case on Court TV:

Court TV Appearance 10/17/19

Court TV Appearance 10/22/19

Court TV Appearance 10/23/19

Court TV Appearance 10/28/19

Court TV Appearance 10/30/19

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