Tamburino Talks Law: Statewide Mask Orders and COVID-19 Executive Orders

Here in Minneapolis ever since May 26, we've been required to wear masks anytime we go into a place of public accommodation. And, people are wondering could the governor of Minnesota issue such an order statewide. The quick answer to that is, “Yes, he could...” We've been under a peacetime emergency since March 13th. And, that gives the governor great power to issue executive orders. The governor could issue an executive order stating everyone in Minnesota when they go inside a place of public accommodation must wear a mask. In fact, California issued just an order. But here in Minnesota, Gov. Walz hasn't gone that far yet. He has issued many executive orders, but has never stated a requirement for masks only a strong recommendation. So if you're in California you've got to wear a mask everywhere. If you're in Minneapolis you've got to wear a mask when you're inside. But if you're outside in Minneapolis or elsewhere in Minnesota you're not required to wear one it's just strongly recommended.

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