Attorney Joe Tamburino Discusses Disturbing Murder Case on Court TV

Joe Tamburino on Court TV

Man Accused of Killing and Dissolving Parents in Acid Over Thanksgiving Weekend

Joel Michael Guy Jr. is facing a trial by jury concerning allegations that he killed his parents, then dismembered and dissolved their bodies in acid during Thanksgiving weekend in 2016. He was charged with two counts of first-degree murder, felony murder, and abuse of a corpse in the killings of his parents, Lisa and Joel Guy Sr.

Given the horrific and extremely graphic nature of the case, there are questions as to why the case is being tried by jury in the first place. Attorney Joe Tamburino, alongside two other defense attorneys on Court TV, opines that the reasoning behind holding a jury trial for the accused does not seem sound, as it is clearly traumatic for the family and jury. Not to mention, the prosecutor has a minefield of evidence against Guy Jr., who has also already pivoted back and forth on whether he should be tried for the death penalty.

According to Fox News, incriminating evidence against Guy Jr. includes the discovery of his fingerprints at the scene of the crime, as well as a notebook found in his room outlining plans to cover up a murder. One entry allegedly reads, “Get killing knives ... get sledgehammer - crush bones,” and another: “Money, all mine. I get the whole thing.” None of which works very well for Guy Jr.’s defense. In addition, Guy Jr.’s aunt testified in the trial that, just before their murder, Guy Jr.’s parents had told him they could no longer support him financially and that he would need to find a job.

In terms of trauma, Attorney Tamburino and the other defense attorneys worry about the mental health of the jury because they will be subjected to horrific evidence during the trial. Even the investigative officers who had the bad fortune of discovering the scene of the crime are still traumatized by finding what state prosecutors described as a “diabolical stew of human remains.”

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