Attorney Joe Tamburino Shares Insight with Washington Post on Minnesota Clinic Shooting Suspect’s History of Threats

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Attorney Joe Tamburino was recently quoted by The Washington Post discussing a deadly shooting at a rural Minnesota health clinic on February 9, 2021.

As noted by The Post, 67-year-old Gregory Paul Ulrich was formally indicted on Thursday in connection to shooting five people and detonating three explosive devices at an Allina Health clinic in Buffalo, Minnesota. One victim was killed and four others were wounded.

While the matter is still working its way through the courts, the case has already sparked a conversation regarding the shooter’s troubled history and whether anything could have been done to prevent the attack. Ulrich, who court documents say was battling an opioid addition and had been denied a prescription by a doctor at the clinic, used a permit he obtained from the local police department to legally purchase the firearm used in the shooting – even though he been the subject of a restraining order for threating the clinic in the past.

While some say law enforcement should increase efforts to conduct threat management and identify warning signs prior to shootings, others argue that may be a considerable goal given the fact that our criminal justice system, as it currently stands, functions primarily to catch and prosecute criminals rather than asses and manage potential threats and prevent crimes.

As Joe Tamburino tells The Washington Post:

“It’s a look-back system. It’s very difficult to be proactive. So yes, anytime you get a case like Mr. Ulrich’s you can say, well, looking back, things should’ve happened. However, it’s really difficult to say this was missed in some way.”

Read the full article featuring Attorney Joe Tamburino here.

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