DWI Charges in Multiple States

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Did you know that DWIs can travel with you, even if you get one in a state that you don’t reside in? These types of charges can especially be a pain since your case must take place in the state where you were charged. This blog can explain what happens when you face a DWI charge in another state and what actions you should take.

How will the state know about my DWI arrest?

The state you reside in will learn of your DWI quickly once they press charges against you. Your license will be suspended in the arresting state and your home state. Unfortunately, you must be present on all court dates within the arresting state. If you fail to show, a warrant will be issued for your arrest.

What type of punishment will I face?

The state of Minnesota will recognize your DWI charge as if it happened within the state. Due to the nationwide database, they will find out about it one way or another. Your driving privileges will not only be taken away in the state you live in but the state you were arrested in. DWIs out of the state can be exceptionally expensive since you face fines in both states.

Once again, your DWI charge will go into a national database which means all states will see it on your record. This can make getting a license more of a hassle if you decide to move states. Also, keep in mind that this accounts for your total DUI convictions. The more convictions, the more fines and jail time you face. After four DWI charges within 10 years, you will face felony charges in the state of Minnesota.

How can hiring a lawyer help?

Hiring a lawyer can be your best option when facing a DWI charge in another state. Not only can they reduce any fines you are facing, but they can also help limit the number of times you have to travel to the arresting state. Through professional legal counsel, a lawyer can help you determine the best way to get you on the road again.

If you are facing charges in another state Caplan & Tamburino Law Firm, P.A. can help you today. We’re ready to listen to your case and determine your next steps. Call our office today at (612) 444-5020 or fill out a consultation form on our website.

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