What Are Drug Distribution Crimes?

What Are Drug Distribution Crimes?

Drug distribution is an incredibly serious criminal offense that involves the sales, manufacture, and/or transportation of drugs. Those charged with this crime are often facing steep penalties if found guilty. Unfortunately, drug distribution crimes are on the rise as drug supply networks become more sophisticated and pervasive.

In certain cases, individuals involved in drug distribution may be held responsible for large amounts of drugs seized by law enforcement. This is why it's so important to understand the severity of these crimes, as well as what constitutes a violation of U.S. drug laws. If caught, individuals can face serious consequences that range from hefty fines to substantial prison sentences.

Drug Distribution Penalties

In Minnesota, illegal drug distribution is taken very seriously. A conviction for drug distribution can lead to significant jail time, fines, and other serious penalties. Offenders risk losing driving privileges or their professional license, depending on the severity of their charges. Additionally, those found distributing near a school or park can face enhanced charges and harsher punishments.

How Does a Drug Distribution Charge Impact Your Life?

Being charged with a drug distribution charge can have serious consequences that you may have not considered. Not only just time in prison, but a felony conviction on your record can affect where you live, your ability to secure employment and loan approval, and even the cost of insurance. It can permanently suppress other rights you may take for granted such as voting or having access to certain educational opportunities. Fines are also common costly penalties associated with drug distribution charges; depending on the situation they could be extensive payments to be made in addition to any jail time served.

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