Findings from Castile Case Now in the Hands of Ramsey County Attorney John Choi

According to a recent report published on September 28 by CBS Minnesota, the recent findings of the Philando Castile case now lie in the hands of Ramsey County Attorney John Choi.

For the last three months, the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension has been investigating the shooting of Philando Castile, a man who was shot by Jeronimo Yanez, a St. Anthony police officer. As of now, sources believe that it could take months before Choi makes a decision on whether Officer Yanez acted appropriately, and if not, whether charges should be filed.

Commenting on the case, Attorney Joe Tamburino states, “Mr. Choi’s office is going to have to decide whether the case goes to a grand jury or does he decided whether or not to charge by himself…he could do either […] It’s a very hard position to be in.”

In a statement, Choi states that he plans to enlist help of national use-of-force consultants to assist him in reviewing the findings. Although some believe the investigation is taking too long to resolve, Tamburino believes that the BCA and Choi are doing the right thing in conducting detailed investigations.

While Choi did not provide an estimated time of when he would make a decision, he did refer to another case where another county attorney took seven weeks to reach a decision.

To learn more, read the recently published article.

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