Joe Tamburino Calls Out Local Leaders in Bomb-Making Case

Last week, ABC News reported on an arrest made of two men for illegal possession of weaponry. Inside their vehicle was a cache of weapons and materials—including those used in making bombs. Our firm is proud to be representing the individual who tipped off the weapons cache to the police, ensuring that Minneapolis was kept safe from whatever their intentions might have been.

Our client was walking by the suspects’ vehicle near the corner of 44th Avenue and Humboldt Avenue on May 11th. After they indicated that they might have weapons, our client notified the police. It was a good thing he did—the men were found with a hand grenade, assault rifles, a large amount of ammunition, and materials that the bomb squad believed could have been assembled into a bomb.

However, Attorney Joe Tamburino—one of the leaders of Caplan & Tamburino Law Firm—believes that the case isn’t being handled by local leaders with the gravity it demands. “They had guns, they had ammo, they had a grenade. Where is the mayor? Where are the county commissioners?” he said in the article. “We need to be talking about this. This was a dangerous situation.”

The FBI confirmed that they were aware of the arrest and its findings, but couldn’t comment on the case further. Minneapolis police have not commented either, citing that investigation is ongoing. Mr. Tamburino is currently filing restraining orders against the suspects, one of whom made a threatening gesture at our client when he was released from jail.

Our attorney’s main contention is the seeming lack of awareness from city leaders. “Could you imagine if this happened in New York City? Mayor de Blasio would be front and center saying here’s what happened and we need to put a stop to this,” he said.

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