Joe Tamburino Featured in Pioneer Press to Discuss Representation of Good Samaritan in Weapons Confiscation Case

Firm Partner and Minneapolis Criminal Defense Attorney Joe Tamburino was recently interviewed by Pioneer Press to discuss a high profile case out of Hennepin County and his pro bono representation of a local man who helped Minneapolis police confiscate an arsenal of firearms and bomb-making devices by. Two men were arrested in connection to the weapons after a local man tipped off authorities. The man is being represented by Attorney Tamburino in regard to a restraining order against the offenders.

The investigation began when a man walking in north Minneapolis encountered a parked vehicle in which two men, who were brothers, has been littering. After being confronted, the brothers, Majid Al Rifahe and Abdullah Al Rifahe, exited their vehicle and threatened the man, indicating that they had guns. Fortunately, a passing police patrol car stopped at the scene as the man was calling 911, and later discovered a cache of weapons in the vehicle. Police confiscated assault rifles, a hand grenade, handgun, and substantial supply of ammunition. Law enforcement also discovered electronic devices used for constructing bombs.

Both brothers were arrested at the scene. One for misdemeanor assault and disorderly conduct, and the other for felony unlawful possession of a pistol in public, his second of the same offense for which he was previously convicted. Because the brother charged with misdemeanors had been released from custody, he was able to return to the same neighborhood where the arrest occurred. When he saw the man who had led to their arrest, he again threatened him from his vehicle.

After hearing about the case, Attorney Tamburino reached out to the good samaritan to represent him pro bono in his petition for an emergency protection order. That order was recently issued by a Hennepin County Judge. According to Attorney Tamburino, the man, who is 62-years-old, now fears for his life. Fortunately, the protection order will provide some reassurance that the men will not be able to have contact with him or be within a certain distance of him or his home.

As the investigation continues, officials will be looking into why the men had such an arsenal of firearms and bomb-making devices, and whether they might have been working with any other local individuals. We are proud that Attorney Tamburino took it upon himself to help the good citizen in this case, who himself was helping keep our community safe.

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