Attorney Tamburino Proposes Improved Safety for Downtown Minneapolis in StarTribune Article

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Joe Tamburino, a partner Caplan & Tamburino Law Firm, P.A. and chair of the Downtown Minneapolis Neighborhood Association, recently shared some much-needed advice regarding safety improvements in downtown Minneapolis. In recent years, the crime rate for the area, especially on popular Hennepin Avenue, has risen, putting citizens in danger. In his article, which was published on the StarTribune online, Attorney Tamburino shares 3 ways we can increase safety downtown.

As Attorney Tamburino mentions in his article, downtown Minneapolis is a cultural hub full of lively restaurants, festivals, sports events, and historic landmarks. However, the lack of clear implementations in the area has led to an increase in criminal acts, including robberies, assaults, and shootings. Rather than skating over the issues in the area, as officials have done in the past, our attorney, Joe Tamburino, suggests we take action to protect the area from further corruption.

First, Attorney Tamburino suggests officials begin enforcing the misdemeanor crime of blocking sidewalks, a law they recently let go. Implementing this law once again could help break up unruly crowds and loiterers up to no good, decreasing chances of criminal activity. Attorney Tamburino also suggests that police officers patrol the downtown area each night so as to discourage criminal activity, loitering, and other dangers.

Another way to improve downtown safety is to make the existing street cameras in the downtown area accessible to the public. Many other areas make safety cameras available to the public, including New York and Chicago, and even big cities in Europe like Paris and London. The idea is that making these cameras accessible to the public will increase awareness and help prevent any hazardous activity from becoming worse.

To read the full article, “Three Ideas for Improving Safety in Minneapolis' Exciting and Vibrant Downtown” written by Joe Tamburino, visit the StarTribune online.

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