Minnesota Bus Driver Charged With Assaulting a Child

A bus driver was charged with fifth-degree assault earlier this year after allegedly injuring a child when putting him in his seat.

According to the lawsuit, the driver, Philip Heim, picked up the student and threw him into his seat, hitting the student’s head in the process.

The event, which was caught on video, reportedly occurred in January of this year when the student was a nine-year-old fourth grader attending Medford Elementary.

According to attorney Joe Tamburino who is representing the driver in this case, the video will make the difference in the trial his client needs.

“When you see that video, it is crystal clear,” said Tamburino. “That the bump on the head was inadvertent. It was an accident… In this case, what you had, was you had a child, and we'll prove this at trial, you had a child who was completely out of control. And the bus driver used reasonable force, meaning to pick him up and put him in the seat. That's it.”

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