Minneapolis Police Report a Relatively Timid Super Bowl with Few Arrests

Sports fans can become lively, rowdy, energetic, and unruly – and that is when their team is winning! In anticipation of a busy and potentially dangerous Super Bowl Sunday, the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) ramped up its efforts and patrols in the weeks leading up to the big game. MPD was also joined by military brigades and assisted by resident-level neighborhood watches.

All in all, the preparations seem to have been a great success, as the MPD is reporting a fairly timid Super Bowl Sunday with an unexpectedly low level of arrests and incidents. According to the statements of the department, the downtown precinct – 1st Precinct if you are familiar with their precinct codes – only had a total of 75 arrests between Friday, January 26th and Sunday, February 4th. Only one year ago, the total number of arrests for that precinct in the same time frame was nearly twice as much.

The majority of arrests and charges filed were also not too concerning to overall public safety. Many arrests originated from fraudulent ticket sales, and a handful more were due to disorderly conduct but not necessarily to a degree of violence or danger. However, the MPD did comment on stopping at least one sex trafficking crime and noted several reports of vehicular theft. Apparently a few Super Bowl attendees left their cars running to warm up, walked away, and returned to find their car missing.

(For more information about Super Bowl Arrest statistics and this ongoing story from the Minneapolis Police Department, you can click here to read a full article from CBS Minnesota’s website.)

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