Overview of Minnesota’s Weapons Offenses & Charges

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The responsible control, ownership, and use of firearms is an important topic in Minnesota. As such, the state will heavily penalize anyone who violates a weapons offense, or commits another criminal violation with a weapon enhancement. If you have been accused of a gun-related crime in Minnesota, you can start your defense in the right direction by first getting a better idea of the charges being filed against you.

How Minnesota Defines a Dangerous Weapon

In Minnesota, legal statutes have been broadly written to encompass firearms and essentially any other dangerous weapon. Under the state’s laws, a dangerous weapon is any instrument designed to cause severe injury or death. Weapons charges are often filed as high level misdemeanors, but a number of circumstances, such as how a weapon was held or presented in public, can escalate the charge to a felony.

A few examples of weapons-related offenses in Minnesota are:

  • Discharging a firearm in public and off a designated firing range
  • Possessing, selling, or manufacturing weapon suppressors
  • Allowing a minor to possess or use a firearm
  • Storing a loaded firearm
  • Carrying a firearm without a permit
  • Illegally modifying a firearm
  • Wielding a firearm in a menacing manner

What is a Gun Crime Enhancement?

Minnesota law allows for criminal charges to be escalated if a dangerous weapon is used concurrently with the other criminal activity. This is known as a gun crime enhancement, as a firearm is the most common type of dangerous weapon referenced in such cases. For example, if you have a firearm on your person during a robbery, the theft crime’s charge can be escalated, as well as its penalties. A gun crime enhancement can add anywhere between one to 30 years of incarceration to sentencing requirements.

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