Why You Should Hire an Attorney If You are Under Criminal Investigation


Before someone is placed under arrest and slammed with charges for serious criminal violations, there will likely be an extensive criminal investigation conducted by one or more law enforcement agencies. The purpose of criminal investigations is seeking evidence of wrongdoing that would justify an arrest and eventual charges. Both the criminal justice system and defendants alike can benefit from thorough investigations, as they help ensure no one‘s time and resources are wasted with fruitless arrests.

A criminal investigation will officially begin in most cases after a law enforcement agency notifies the suspect that they are under investigation. If you have been told you are being investigated, it is important to recognize that this is your first opportunity to take action and start protecting your rights and reputation. Retain a criminal defense attorney at the first sign of investigation, not after you have already been arrested.

Criminal Defense Lawyers Help for Pre-Charge Casework

Being arrested, being charged, and being convicted are all three unique parts of a typical criminal case. However, they are all quite negative and should be avoided whenever possible. Simply having an arrest record, or a charge filed against you that never reaches trial, is enough to damage your reputation. Landlords, lenders, employers, and educational institutions will all be more likely to turn you away just for having an arrest record.

With this said, the best way to make certain your future is not hindered by an arrest is to stop it in the first place. This is where a criminal defense attorney can come in and help you. By preparing your defense early, such as collecting evidence of alibis or the motives of someone who may have committed the alleged crime, your lawyer can deter investigators from seeking an arrest warrant. There have even been cases in which the suspect‘s innocence was thoroughly proven without the need for any courtroom.

Minneapolis Criminal Defense & Pre-Charge Attorneys

For pre-charge investigation help and representation, you can depend on Caplan & Tamburino Law Firm, P.A. We have 100+ years of collective experience and make ourselves available to our clients 24/7/365 for convenience and emergencies, such as when you need pre-charge representation right away. Call (612) 444-5020 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation.

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