Attorney Joe Tamburino Weighs In On Upcoming Jayme Closs Case

The young man accused of kidnapping Jayme Closs and murdering her parents will make his first court appearance this upcoming Monday in a Wisconsin courtroom. In order to learn more about what to expect from his court appearance and subsequent case, CBS Minnesota news called on Attorney Joe Tamburino to explain.

Jake Patterson, the 21-year-old man accused of kidnapping Jayme Closs, is currently being held at the Barron County jail, where he will reside until his court appearance. Although Wisconsin law permits video court appearances, Patterson’s lawyers shared their desire for their client to appear in person. While they did express their faith in the justice system’s ability to hold a fair trial for their client, Patterson’s lawyers did not share any specific plans.

Attorney Tamburino was called in as a trusted authority in the upcoming criminal defense case, and he told CBS Minnesota what to expect from the Closs case. Tamburino said, “In Wisconsin, when you’re charged with first-degree murder it’s a life sentence and he’s going to have two charges plus the kidnapping charges.”

Patterson will make an initial appearance on Monday, Attorney Tamburino explained, “and the prosecutor could request he be held without bail for a short period of time.” Attorney Tamburino explained that, usually, the prosecutor will request that the accused be held on bail for a couple of months, or may request a bail large enough to ensure that he, Patterson, will not get out.

When asked what he expects from the case, Attorney Tamburino explained that he thinks the formal criminal complaint will be the most revealing. The formal criminal complaint, Tamburino explains, should reveal the “surrounding facts – the allegations—because a prosecutor could put in the complaint as many facts as he or she wishes.”

The case will become clearer as time goes on and more details come to the surface. Attorney Tamburino points out that Jayme Closs is only a child and is unlikely to submit to a full questioning by investigators right off the bat.

To learn more about the case, or to read Attorney Joe Tamburino’s full statements, visit CBS Minnesota online.

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