Charges for Selling Prescription Drugs in Minnesota

Prescription drugs have many benefits like making people happier, helping them stay focused, and keeping them from feeling pain. However, all these drugs have one thing in common: they fetch a high price on the street.

Therefore, those who have medical access to these drugs may be enticed to sell to others; however, getting caught can have severe consequences for the accused.

Severity of Charges

There are five degrees of controlled substance crimes. The most severe crimes are charged as first-degree substance crimes, and each degree after that lessens in severity.

The degree you could be charged with depends on several factors including what you’re selling, who you’re selling it to, and how much you’re selling.

Circumstances Impact Charges

The circumstances of your case can impact the charges you face. One of the greatest indicators will be how much narcotics you are accused of selling. Another telling indicator will be what schedule the narcotic you are accused of selling is, Schedule I, II, III, IV, or V.

Typically, schedule I and II controlled substances carry higher level charges and more serious consequences. However, other circumstances matter as well. One example is, if you are accused of selling in a school zone, or to minors, you could face more serious charges.

Caplan & Tamburino Can Help You Fight

From fifth degree to first degree, our decades of criminal law experience can assist you in pleading your case. If you’re ready to defend your case, we’re ready to help!

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