Protections for Minnesota Employees During the Coronavirus Outbreak

If you’re dealing with one of these difficult situations, you may be worried about losing your job or facing adverse action from your employer. Under Minnesota law, however, workers in these circumstances are fully protected from any retaliation by their employer, including termination and other negative consequences at work.

As our Attorney Joe Tamburino recently shared with CBS Minnesota, the law protects you from discharge or discipline for up to 21 days of quarantine and isolation. This applies to all Minnesota organizations that have one or more employees on their payroll. “Minnesota has a very good law that protects employees,” Attorney Tamburino said to reporters. “It even goes so far to say that if that person needs to care for a loved one in isolation or in quarantine, again, that employer can’t seek retaliation against them.”

If your employer takes action against you for quarantine or isolation, you may be able to sue for recovery of the following damages:

  • Recovery of lost wages;
  • Recovery of lost benefits;
  • Reinstatement of job/position;
  • Other appropriate relief; and
  • Payment of attorney’s fees incurred in the lawsuit.

During this unprecedented health crisis, employers have a clear responsibility to prioritize public safety – and protect their workers from undue financial and physical harm. If you or anyone you know has faced retaliation by an employer because of quarantine or self-isolation, or because you were caring for a loved one who became sick, our Minneapolis attorneys at Caplan & Tamburino Law Firm, P.A. are here to help.

Although we are best known for our criminal defense practice, we also have over a century of combined experience in civil litigation, including wrongful termination lawsuits and other employment law cases. With compassionate counsel and a commitment to justice, we’ll fight for your rights as a Minnesota worker.

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