Will a Juvenile Crime Affect College Admission Decisions?

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The spring and summer are prime time for college admission decisions. While, normally, this is an exciting time in a young person’s life, the process can be more stressful if a minor has been convicted of a juvenile crime.

Learn whether a juvenile crime conviction affects college admission decisions and whether your child has an opportunity for expungement.

Getting Into College with a Juvenile Record

The college application process is a long one, with many schools asking multiple in-depth questions to assess an applicant’s academic, professional, and personal background. This often includes a question about an applicant’s criminal history.

Most schools want to admit students who will reflect back on the institution positively, and a conviction for a serious juvenile offense may preclude an applicant from getting into the school of their dreams.

This is not an element of a college application that someone convicted of a juvenile crime can avoid. It’s vital that applicants answer the criminal history section of the application honestly, because schools will be able to find out about an applicant’s criminal history either way.

However, many schools will have an “addendum” section for applicants to explain why they checked “yes” for the criminal history section. This is applicants’ opportunity to explain, in their own words, the circumstances of their conviction. This can often speak more volumes about an applicant’s character than a line item on a criminal record ever could.

Still, this may not be enough for some universities. Having a juvenile conviction can lessen an applicant’s chances of getting into their college of choice.

Given the potential long-term consequences of a juvenile conviction, including difficulties getting into college, it’s vital that those convicted of a juvenile crime speak with a qualified defense attorney to learn about their options for an expungement.

At Caplan & Tamburino Law Firm, P.A., our Minneapolis defense attorneys understand that one mistake should not derail a child’s entire life. Our team is here to help you understand your options and put your best foot forward for the future.

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