Joe Tamburino’s StarTribune Opinion Piece Calls for Cameras in Court to Be the Rule not the Exception in Minnesota


Attorney Joe Tamburino of Caplan & Tamburino Law Firm penned an opinion piece for the StarTribune in which he made a case as to why cameras in court should be made the new standard: It could restore the public’s faith in the state’s—and the nation’s—justice system.

“We are at an inflection point in our country and state where our citizens have lost trust in leaders, institutions and many believe our justice system is broken,” Attorney Tamburino wrote in the StarTribune. “While elected officials debate and enact reforms that could take years, one significant issue that provides transparency and builds trust could be settled right now. The Minnesota Supreme Court could change the rule allowing cameras in Minnesota courtrooms.”

The trial of Derek Chauvin took place in Minneapolis and was the very first in state history to have cameras in the courtroom. People around the globe were able to tune in and watch the entire legal process with their own eyes, from jury selection to sentencing. This historic trial proved that every concern voiced by those opposed to having cameras in court was a non-issue:

  • Attorneys did not play for the cameras;
  • Witnesses were not hesitant to testify while being filmed; and
  • The privacy of juveniles was not compromised on camera, as only the audio from their testimonies was broadcast.

“It is time for public to call on the Minnesota Supreme Court to change the rules to allow cameras in the courtroom, not just as the exception, but as the rule,” Attorney Tamburino stated.

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