Green Bay Considering Measure to Regulate Drone Use at Public Events

Legal matters involving drones are continuing to make headlines across the country. In one particular incident that occurred over the weekend - on Saturday June, 27, 2015 - a man in Modesto, California was ordered by the court to pay damages for a drone he shot down in November of last year. The man shot the drone because he believed it was flying over his property and spying on him.

Another matter from earlier this month has also been making headlines, especially since it involves the increasingly common and complex issue of regulating drones. Here are some details about the situation:

  • Officials from the Protection & Welfare Committee of the Green Bay, Wisconsin City Council are considering a measure that would effectively ban the use of drones at public events. If approved, the measure would make Green Bay the first city in Wisconsin to do so.
  • The proposed ordinance would prohibit flying a drone over large public events, including farmers markets, concerts, and holiday celebrations. Specifically, the measure would prohibit drones within 400 feet of events open to the public. The NFL currently prohibits drones at stadiums (including Green Bay) one hour before and after games.
  • Opponents of the measure state that it could limit the legitimate use of drones and prevent certain businesses from capturing images or using them for safety purposes during large public events.

Drone use has quickly become a matter of public safety, and it is only a matter of time before we begin seeing more news stories regarding drone accidents and efforts to regulate their use. These issues can serve as a reminder to everyone during the coming Fourth of July weekend to remain safe when using or nearby drones, especially if you intend to use a drone near fireworks displays.

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