Recent Drone Incidents Make Headlines

As drones become increasingly popular - both for consumers who use them recreationally and for businesses that want to harness new technology - so do news stories of drone-related incidents. This is especially true in cases that involving drones causing accidents, property damage, and personal injury.

In what has earned international attention, singer Enrique Iglesias was recently injured after his finger was cut by a drone’s rotor during a concert in Tijuana. The drone, which was filming the show, caused severe lacerations that required reconstructive hand surgery.

Two recent incidents have also drawn considerable media attention, namely because drones are still a form of technology we don’t see on a daily basis. Here are details about the incidents:

  • May 25, 2015, Memorial Day, Marblehead, MA - During a Memorial Day parade in Marblehead, Massachusetts, a drone collided with a man who was holding his 1-year old daughter. The accident left the man with injuries and cuts to his head and neck. The drone had collided with a building prior to striking the man and hitting the ground. No charges were filed against the operator because no permits were required to fly the drone over the event.
  • June 13, 2015, Albuquerque, NM - According to officials from the Albuquerque Fire Department, an amateur drone operator lost control of his drone during the Heights Summerfest festival. The drone fell through the sky and hit one victim, who was treated by paramedics.

The stories, while intriguing, help highlight how dangerous drones can be, even when in the hands of trained operators. Although it is likely laws will change and adapt to address the many new issues presented by drones, victims harmed in preventable accidents involving unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s) have the right to pursue compensation for their damages.

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