Minnesota Police Claim to Disrupt Human Trafficking & Prostitution Ring

Law enforcement officials throughout Minnesota are reporting the disruption of a state-wide, and possibly nationwide, human trafficking and prostitution ring, conducted primarily out of Anoka County. Agents conducted a two-day undercover operation to make a total of 19 arrests. The operation ran alongside another effort to make arrests associated with illegal online solicitation. It is not known how many arrests, if any, were carried out due to the online operation.

Most of the suspects were allegedly attempting to solicit sexual acts from underage minors. 15 of the arrested suspects have been charged with suspicion of probable cause to solicit a child. Four others were arrested for probable cause of felony human trafficking. Details regarding how four of the suspects were arrested for human trafficking and not attempted solicitation were not immediately released.

Police officials also claim to have rescued 10 women during the operation’s timeline. One of the women was a juvenile who was placed into protective custody. The other women were questioned before being released without any charges for solicitation.

11 of the suspects have been brought to charges so far. Charges are pending for the other 8 but are believed to be filed soon. If convicted of just one felony count, the suspects could each serve years in prison, pay substantial fines, and be placed on sex offender registration lists.

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