Common Arrests During Music Festivals

Band Playing Concert

It’s summer in Minneapolis, which means it’s time for concerts in the sun. While many will enjoy the festivities responsibly, others will party too hard and end up charged for breaking the law. To keep yourself from getting into more trouble than you bargained for, check out our list of common arrests during music festivals.


No one comes to a music festival looking for a fight, but after having a few to drink, some people get aggressive.

To prevent a friend from committing assault, you should:

  • Monitor their alcohol intake (especially if they are prone to aggression after drinking)
  • Suggest staying with a group of friends rather than hanging out in a small group
  • Talk them down if they get heated

To prevent yourself from committing assault, you should:

  • Walk away if someone tries to instigate a fight
  • Enjoy alcohol responsibly
  • Keep away from irritating situations (staying in direct sunlight, standing for a long time, forgetting to eat meals.)


Most DWI arrests occur because someone thinks they are okay to drive when, in reality, they are well over the limit. Therefore, the golden rule here is “better safe than sorry.”

To prevent a friend from getting a DUI charge, you should:

  • Give all keys to a trusted friend who is not drinking
  • Encourage them that it’s better to be overcautious than careless
  • Order a friend an Uber or Lyft if they are intoxicated


While recreational marijuana is legal in some states, it is still an illegal substance in Minnesota. Even those with a medical marijuana license are prohibited from taking their drugs in public. Therefore, marijuana should not be at a music festival for any reason!

If you or a loved one does end up being charged with a crime, the next best step is to talk to an experienced Minnesota criminal defense attorney. Caplan & Tamburino offers free consultations to anyone looking for tried and tested legal representation!

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