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Police Investigations of Sex Offenses

Protect Your Rights with Proven Minnesota Sex Crime Lawyers

Due to the severity of sex crime charges and the substantial penalties they pose – including lengthy terms of imprisonment, criminal records, and sex offender registration – Minnesota law enforcement agencies take allegations very seriously. That means they often dedicate time and resources into investigating claims and suspects prior to formal charges and arrests.

The high stakes inherent to sex crime cases, as well as the potential for devastating repercussions following allegations and charges alone – even before a conviction or conclusion of the case – individuals who find themselves under investigation for a possible sex offense need to understand that their timely action to consult experienced defense attorneys like those at Caplan & Tamburino Law Firm, P.A. can make the difference in a case. That’s because early intervention is critical to ensuring you don’t face an investigation or subsequent charges alone.

As soon as police contact you, contact us – don’t face an investigation alone. Our award-winning criminal defense and sex crime attorneys at Caplan & Tamburino Law Firm, P.A. are immediately available to help anywhere in Minneapolis, the Twin Cities, and the state of Minnesota. Call (612) 444-5020 if you have any questions.

Why Early Intervention & Legal Representation Matter

Getting an attorney on board as soon as you are made aware of a pending sex crime investigation is critical for a number of reasons. Here’s why:

  • What you say can be used against you – Police and other law enforcement officers investigating sex crimes will often want to discuss allegations or obtain as much information as possible from you and / or people who know you. Remember, you are Constitutionally protected against self-incrimination – what you say can be used against you. Even if you are innocent and allegations against you are false, you risk making statements that can be misconstrued or misinterpreted, and which can provide ammunition to law enforcement and prosecutors who want to make arrests and gain convictions, especially if you do not have a lawyer. Our attorneys can work closely with you during investigations to help you determine if and when it is appropriate to speak with law enforcement, be present when you are being questioned, help you understand what’s in your best interests when it comes to making statements, and ensure your rights are protected at all times. We can also communicate with law enforcement on your behalf.
  • Communication and negotiation – Working with an attorney to create a dialogue with police during investigations can provide law enforcement with information they need, while protecting your rights and opening the door to productive communication and negotiation. It can also prove effective in raising important questions, challenges, or evidence that disprove allegations, dissuade prosecutors from pursuing certain charges and penalties, and reach resolutions prior to court. In some cases, it can also allow for compromises that avoid public arrests and / or severe penalties. Pre-file investigation work is a critical part of what we do in criminal defense cases, especially those as serious as sex crimes.
  • Protecting your rights – In addition to your right to remain silent, you have many other rights afforded to you during criminal investigations. By working with an attorney, you can ensure these rights are protected at every stage of the process. This includes your right to due process and your right to be free from any unlawful searches or seizures. Should law enforcement fail to abide by rules and procedural standards during their investigation and violate your rights, it can provide a substantial break in your case, and potentially result in inadmissible evidence, no charges filed, or substantially reduced charges and penalties. However, you might not be able to catch or prove such violations of your rights, or protect them, without an attorney by your side.
  • Structuring a defense – By involving an attorney early on in the process, you can gain a better understanding of the nature of an investigation, as well as what law enforcement and prosecutors have or don’t have in terms of evidence to support allegations and charges. This can prove important in not only exploring various options for a positive resolution, but also in creating the foundation of an effective defense strategy, which can involve gathering documents, evidence, or conducting interviews with witnesses prior to charges being filed.
  • Support and guidance – During these difficult times, having an advocate in your corner can be immensely beneficial in providing the support and guidance you need. Our attorneys have represented clients from all walks of life during criminal investigations, and we know how the process works, what you can expect, and the steps you can take to put yourself in the best position for the most positive outcome possible. Our insight and professional advice can help you navigate what are often frightening and unfamiliar experiences, and it can aid you in making informed decisions that prove crucial to your future.

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Investigations are critical moments in criminal cases, and the actions you take now can make all the difference in how they are conducted and how your case will be resolved. Put yourself in position to protect your rights and future by placing your trust in a firm of attorneys who have a reputation for protecting clients during even the most difficult case. Place your trust in Caplan & Tamburino Law Firm, P.A.

Call (612) 444-5020 today to speak with a sex crime lawyer in a free consultation. We serve clients throughout Minnesota in both state and federal criminal cases.

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