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Solicitation Charges in Minneapolis

Sex Crime Lawyers Fighting for Your Rights in Minnesota

Soliciting a professional sex worker or any other individual for sexual favors is strictly prohibited in the state of Minnesota – and it may also be prosecuted as a sex trafficking crime in the second degree. According to the state’s legal statutes, attempting to buy the services of a prostitute – also known as solicitation – is as severe a crime as selling sexual acts or promoting sexual acts for money, favors, or benefits.

If you have been charged with soliciting sex, you must be aware of the extreme penalties you could face for just one charge and take prompt action to defend yourself. At Caplan & Tamburino Law Firm, P.A., our experienced sex crimes attorneys are available 24/7 to help our clients seek a positive case outcome. With two Board Certified Criminal Law Specialists on staff and hundreds of successful jury trials on our record, our Minneapolis law firm has gained a reputation for standing firm in the face of unfair or overzealous prosecutors.

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What Are the Penalties for Solicitation in Minnesota?

Penalties for solicitation in Minnesota can vary widely, but maximum penalties may include:

Penalties will also escalate depending on the specific circumstances of your arrest. When determining your charges, prosecutors will consider additional factors such as the age of the person solicited, the location of solicitation, and whether or not aviolent crime or another sex crime occurred concurrently.

Although prosecutors, jurors, and even judges may hold strong negative biases against accused solicitors, it is possible to pursue a fair outcome following your arrest. By drawing on a century of experience, our attorneys can explore a range of legal strategies when building out your defense.

Common Defense Strategies for Solicitation Charges

Entrapment Used to Lure Potential Solicitors

Whenever someone is arrested for solicitation, the first thing a criminal defense attorney wants to know is how the arrest happened. A large percentage of solicitation charges can be traced back to potential police entrapment and unjust sting operations.

A favorite tactic among police departments is placing a female police officer on the street and telling her to advertise prostitution services to passersby. When someone is convinced enough to attempt to pay her for sexual favors, they are suddenly placed under arrest for solicitation. An experienced sex crimes lawyer may be able to argue that this scenario is entrapment.

Online Solicitation & Undercover Police Stings

Social networking sites are the easiest way for sex traffickers to market their services, which is why the police have had so much success luring potential solicitors through online ads. Operation Guardian Angel, an initiative operated out of the Minneapolis Police Department, regularly conducts investigations throughout the Twin Cities to organize stings and apprehend alleged solicitors.

The police have also been targeting and infiltrating specific sites such as Backpages by creating fictitious ads for dancers, massages, and other personal and private services. A person who reacts to one of these fraudulent ads might never know that they are actually contacting an undercover police officer, and in some cases, this may also constitute entrapment.

Shield Your Name, Future & Finances with Our Defense Team

At Caplan & Tamburino Law Firm, P.A., the people of Minneapolis trust our team with their criminal defense cases because:

  • We are led by former prosecutors with unparalleled insight.
  • We have successfully represented thousands of clients and hundreds of jury trials.
  • We have decades of combined legal experience to put to use for each case.
  • We make ourselves available to clients around-the-clock.

If you have been arrested for solicitation in Minnesota, it is imperative that you act quickly to get started on your defense. The prosecution is undoubtedly not resting and working on a way to put you behind bars, even if you know you are innocent of the criminal charges. Whatever your unique situation, you are still entitled to a fair defense under the Constitution – and our experienced team can provide that for you.

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